– The Incredible Online Arcade Game You Might Need Just Now! was the trailblazer for io games but since then, developers have come up with different but similar versions to it. This has enabled subscribers to explore a wide range of rich options that serves their needs even better. is one of the trendiest io games available out there now. This game is also similar to but comes with even more exciting features. game is fun and can be quite addictive. is available for free on both apple AppStore and Google playstore. You can download it and challenge your friends to a contest today. is a competitive game where you start out as a small worm and grow bigger by outshining your competition. It’s survival of the fittest as you are going to come up against both larger snakes as well as snakes that are within your size range. The ultimate goal is to prey on your competitors as well as consume every available food you find along your path. In this game, you kill and risk getting killed as well. Every player is on the lookout for survival and a chance to thrive. The only way you can thrive is by defeating every obstacle that comes your way. Every glowing item you come across is a victim killed by other worms and you gain mass by eating it up. When you get killed, you also become food for your rival players. The more you consume, the bigger you grow in size and more points you accumulate which is indicated in percentage.

Exciting features contained

  • Great controls that give room for precision. The control featured on this game is head and shoulders above the ones provided in other io games. It comes with smooth gameplay and mobile joystick controls
  • Unprecedented speed. This is another area where stands apart. It provides players with faster experience and you get to navigate quickly to accomplish a task.
  • Lag associated with connectivity problems is a non-issue for
  • It’s an online game but can also be played offline in the absence of an internet connection.
  • Ads removal option.
  •  Multiplayer games where you can compete for an online leaderboard. 
  • You can unlock different skin color as your percentage grows.
  • 3D graphics
  • Suitable for all ages.

Vital tips on how to succeed in paying

  • Avoid running your head into the bodies of other snakes, it gets you killed.
  • You can run through your own body, it doesn’t get you killed.
  • You can use the surrounding borders to gain protection from getting killed; doing so doesn’t end your game life.
  • Start small and dream big, it’s easy to get tempted into making an audacious move from the start. Target the orbs available, grow in size first to avoid been easy prey to big snakes.
  • You can use your one lifeline to continue from where you were killed previously.
  • When you grow in size, you can easily trap smaller prey by surrounding it with your long body giving it no option but surrender to you and die.
  • Avoid moving horizontally, it’s a suicidal move in

The more you grow in size on this game, the greater your percentage will be. The game leaderboard is constantly updated and in the event where you succeeded in setting a fresh record, you can be featured. All you need to do is keep checking the leaderboard which is at the top right of your screen to know how far you have come.   

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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