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Plexiword – Build Words in a Puzzle Driven Game

If you like word games and are looking for something different, it’s time to give Plexiword a try. This game is a free download, powered by in-app ads that you can pay to turn off, but viewing ads also gives you extra coins which translate to hints in the game.

Plexiword is puzzle-like game in that you get to build a word using a set of provided letters. You are also provided a hint in the form of letters or words, that are placed a certain way, colored a certain way, or presented in a certain way.

For example, for the word “TODAY”, the hint they provide is the word “DAY” twice, one on top of the other. The hint is provided to you in a window. Your job is look at the hint and see if you can determine what word it represents.

If you want to play categories of games, you can make an in-app purchase using your collected in-app money to buy one. Examples would be puzzles centered around Brands, Food, Movies, Characters, Games, and many more.

Under Settings, you can customize your gameplay experience. Control the sound, the ability to automatically be notified of hints and deals, the option to earn $3 in-app money every hour by watching an ad, and more. The ads that appear at the top of the screen are easy to ignore, at least I thought so.

The app currently contains over 300 games/puzzles, so you will not tire of it quickly. And while the app offers its own hints for $35 in app dollars, you can send the puzzle to friends and family for help via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Which means you can get others in on the action! If you don’t want to go that route, you can always use other apps out there to enter or describe the hint and find out what the answer is.

I would say that even though the app is free, it definitely shows too many ads. I was ok with having one after a few puzzles, but for a while I was seeing an ad after every completed puzzle, which became annoying.

The game is pretty fun to play, and it requires you to use your noodles in a way you normally would not. Word games are fun when you are searching for them from a jumble of letters but solving a puzzle and then building the word brings a whole new level of challenge and entertainment to the word puzzle game genre.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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