Puzzle Your Friends the Funny Way with PuXXles

Fun and entertaining info-sharing app!

The number of Smartphones is increasing in the cellular phone market every day and so are Smartphone apps in various app stores. But the iPhone and iPhone apps clearly rule the roost with billions of iPhone users worldwide and some fun and crazy applications to keep them busy. Social media, networking and sharing has been pretty big since the last decade and the abundance of social information sharing apps comes as no surprise. But with time, such activities have become pretty boring and people are looking for fun and unique ways to share their info with their friends. Enter PuXXles. Users have accepted this app with open arms and the developer AppArt, is rumored to be working on enhancements.


PuXXles lets you share your status, information, invites or whatever you are in the mood for sharing in an incredibly fun and puzzling way at the touch of a button. You can create instant picture puzzles at the touch of a finger by using pictures from your library. Unless the person you have shared it with does not solve the puzzle, he/she will not be able to see the message. You can also create instant text riddles where only the correct answer to that riddle opens the message. There are lots of riddles and puzzle varieties to choose from, making this an endless game of fun. Also, the best thing about this app is you can get updates on how your puzzles are doing. If people failed to open solve your riddles, you can get updates on that or if someone was able to, you get updates on that as well.

puxxles 2

The security setting for the app is pretty good. On testing it has been found that you can block anyone who’s PuXXles you don’t want to receive and share only with people you choose. This feature works flawlessly. Also, there are numerous security and sharing settings that you can tweak to get the perfect setting for you. There is a common gallery where you can post puzzles carefully crafted by you. If your puzzle remains unsolved, it will slowly climb the top of the chart which is definitely a fun thing to watch. There are hardly any limits on the messages you can encrypt. Starting from status update, messages, pictures, updates, invite to picture sharing, it can be used to encrypt any of these social networking aspects. The ease of use is captivating. The touch responses are fluid and puzzles can be created smoothly without any hitches.

This incredibly fun free app is supported on many platforms. If you have any iPhone above iPhone 3G and iPod touch third, fourth and fifth generation you can run this app perfectly. It is also supported by iPad. Sized at 19.8 MB, it is a pretty small app to download and have fun with. So get your PuXXles on and puzzle your friends all time.

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