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Human beings have a love affair with pictures since ages. Starting from the hand drawn pictures in ancient caves to the latest digital SLR cameras, photos have never stopped to mesmerize human beings. And with the pictures, came the desire to experiment with them to turn them into something more than what they were when clicked. Image editing software like Photoshop quenched this thirst to a large extent but the professional nature of this software did not cut with the people looking for editing pictures casually and just for fun. Moreover, the software like Photoshop is pretty resource hungry and hence, limited to high end computers only. However, ironically most of the pictures being shared on the World Wide Web today are via handle devices like smart phones and tabs. An app that would run perfectly on such a device lets the user edit the pictures the way they like, when they like and at the same time make the whole a fun filled one, is definitely a dream come true for many photo editing buffs. Well, the wait might finally be over with re:Pix, that lets the user do all the above mentioned and then some more.


With Instagram showing its age and Facebook photo that is turning into boring affair, re:Pix app takes the whole equation and turns it over its head. Use any pictures from your device library or use your friends’ pictures from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler and spice them up like your friends never thought were possible. Use funny stickers, labels and a drawing tool and turn boring pictures into hilarious gags. Your friend could have never imagined that his favorite water surfing photo can end up in a picture where a shark is right on his tail, or how the summer barbecue pictures turned into a cat barbecue instead. Imagine the looks on your best friend’s face when you share his graduation pictures with a sombrero accompanying his suit and a tiger for his professor.

repix 2

This application supports handy drawing tools that let you draw that mustache on your girl friend’s picture like you always wanted to. Use your drawing prowess to make the picture even funnier if the sticker cannot quite cut the job (which is of course a remote possibility). The sticker packs that let you wreck this havoc can be increased via sharing the repeat photos over sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. When the remixed photos get likes on social networking sites you get to download additional sticker packs, turning the whole experience into that of a social networking playground. The labels can be used to write whatever you like on the photos to make the whole experience even funnier.

Of course like any great apps, re:Pix app also has its small share of problems. The app has been found to hang some of the devices it has been installed into. Also, in some devices, usage of labels or the drawing tools have caused problems in the phone’s performance. Hopefully the development team will soon come with some updates to make the re:Pix experience richer and more enjoyable than it already is.

If you can overlook those few and far between above mentioned problems, re:Pix is a fun application to have on your device. The app is available for download on any iOS5 or later devices and being cross-platform it is supported by iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and it requires a memory of only 11.4 MB.

Developer’s note: 

Latest update

iPhone 5 optimization
UI changes including moving of the initial camera button down to the list of sources and replacing the Reddit source with a Popular source.

Also, 2 new holiday sticker packs were made available today, and best of all they’re free!

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