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This app is made for people who forget to check in at Foursquare. If you forget to make a check-in, Checkin Reminder will detect your location at your favorite store and make an automatic check-in for you. This app from the Link Team comes to you at no cost and requires an Android of 2.2 or above.

This app has the access to your current location by means of the Global Positioning System (GPS) or other location sources like cell towers or Wi-Fi. GPS provides efficient location information by the methods of satellite navigation. These location services need to be active on your devices and turned on so that the app can use the information. This will lead to an additional consumption of phone battery, but it definitely uses the battery power wisely due to the presence of sensor management.

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The working of Checkin Reminder is simple. If you stay at some place for a certain period of time, this app on your Android phone, will be able to detect your location and a notification will pop on your home screen. You can either click on the notification to check in the suggested place, or you can also delete that particular notification and search for a different place that you prefer.

The most recently updated version of the app, 3.01 has a lot of changes, to let them monitor the mayorship status of the most visited places and check-ins can be done from the main page itself. The users can also enable or disable 1-click check in. Every time you visit a place, your phone will pop up an alarm to remind you to check in, and you can click on the notification once and your check-in will be posted successfully.

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The notification reminding you about the check-in, however, has scope of improvement. The alarm system could be more efficient to help you be aware of your check-in details at Foursquare. There are also ideas of posting some shouts, or some other piece of information, or update with the check-in, when you click on the check-in notification.

The detection of your location, has not always been perfect, even though it is accurate more often than not. The developer should work on these areas to bring out a more updated version of this app with these changes. Apart from a few issues faced, Checkin Reminder has been helpful in maintaining your check-in statuses on Foursquare and monitoring mayorship statuses. With this, you can stay updated on Foursquare.

If you have faced the issue of forgetting to check-in on your current location on Foursquare, this app brings a solution to all your problems. With a click on a notification, you can update your status, and the app detects your current location itself. Currently available in English language, Chekin Reminder does not actually consume much battery power!

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