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Finding the true mate is indeed cumbersome and next to impossible for many. Have you heard of the sayings which go like “Friendship is the first step in the ladder of eternal love”, “If you are not good friends, you certainly can never be the greatest lovers”? Indeed true, before dating each other, it is of great significance to share a good friendship. To aid in developing a good level of understanding and friendship among individuals, there is the presence of a number of dating websites. With the advent of Canoodle, the process of online dating has received an element of fun.

Canoodle makes use of the popular technique of social discovery to connect individuals who possess the similar likings and disliking, in the same way as we meet people in the real life scenario. The underlying aim of this app is to break the ice which is present on any of the archaic online dating website, by making use of the social media to ascertain the nature and characteristics of the different individuals and connect the individuals who share the similar characteristics.

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This app launched by the Cupid PLC, is available in the beta format. The procedure for creating an account on the Canoodle.com is quite lucid; the site is quite intelligent and can read everything about the prospective user by the Facebook login itself. The one click Facebook integration, Foursquare integration and Twitter integration is one of the shinning attribute of this app. There are certain options present within the app which are phrased as “match by interest” and “match nearby”, the fundamental aim of the these selections is to filter the search in accordance with the interest of the various members or in terms of the nearby areas.

As there is a saying, that “Talking solves many issues and bring people closer”. There are free chat rooms, where the various users of the app gather and discuss the myriad issues present in the air. The topics can cover the various perspectives of life or profession or anything under the sun.

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Talking about the technical aspect, the recently updated version of this app available in the apps market is the version 1.1. The size of this app is just 15.2 MB. The app is specifically optimized for the iPhone 5. But, it is compatible with the iPod touch, iPad and the various iPhones. It requires at least iOS 4.3. The app is a nice tool in the hand of the users, however there is still a scope of improvement in the app in terms of the speed and the credibility of the individuals who are the members of this app.

If we talk about the price for this app, the app is available for free. All you require is to simply download the Canoodle application from the Apple Market. Thus, Canoodle is just one tap away from its prime users who are hunting for a perfect partner amongst the population.

However, there are a number of subscriptions available for this app, if you desire for the app for a span of different days or months. Canoodle is one very similar app as that of Facebook and Twitter.

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