Stingy Bees – Beat the Bosses

A physics puzzle that twists your mind!

Developed by StingLab, Stingy Bees is an entertaining and a fun physics action puzzle that twists your mind and gets you thinking. The  main aim of the game is to rescue the bees so that they can collect the pollen to reach the end.

The game is set with an interesting backdrop of dense forests and  cold mountains. The bees need to be rescued from the beaters who eats bees for breakfast. They like to play with the bees in their mouth for a while which gives the bee a chance to get rescued by his friends. What you have to do is rescue your bee friends and in the meanwhile, collect as many pollen and flowers as possible, to open up the levels ahead, where more bees are trapped. You need to free all your bee friends in a special fashion so that all are rescued and collect the pollen as well to reach the end of the game. As the fight develops, new bees with special powers are discovered which assist you in beating the extra tough beaters. The new hurdles that come in the way makes the game more challenging and interesting.

Stingy Bees Screenshot

Stingy Bees app is linked to the game center where you can play with people worldwide and easily become the champion in playing the game. You can also play this game with your Facebook friends and give them a hard time beating each other, while making the game more interesting to play as well as discovering new strategies to beat your friends and win the game. You can continue to play the game later on, where you left on all your iCloud devices.

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The colorful graphics and the changing character moods make it interesting to the eye. This game will provide you with hours of entertainment and head twisting fun. Stingy Bees has 160 challenging levels, thus making it entertaining which gets you hooked for hours till the game ends. If you find difficulty in operating the apps, you could certainly tap on ‘i’ button to get a thorough tutorial for the same or visit the iTunes website for support.

Even though Stingy Bees might not be the first bee game you will be  playing, but it surely will provide you with a lot of entertainment and puts forth a new and a scientific gaming concept. Though not unique, but can be downloaded for the little ones at a price of just $0.99 from the App Store.

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