Streamline Your Tasks with Metro Tasks

Manage your to-do list on iPad! 

To-do lists help keep you on top of your tasks. With a well-made to-do list, you can deliver your work reliably, without letting tasks slip through the cracks. Therefore, keeping a to-do list is considered the most fundamental, but important working skill that people can have. If you find it hard to prepare a good to-do list, then find a right tool.

Metro Tasks, developed by Developer One, helps users manage their tasks and get things done. The mainscreen of the app features a notebook surrounded by different folders. It is actually a drag and drop interface that works smart to save users’ time.

metro tasks

These folders are categorized for different tasks such as Family, Shopping, Events, Fitness, Travel, and school. Users can also customize them to their specific needs. A variety of tasks – like shopping, training or bank visit – can be added to the notebook and moved to the dated folders to get reminders from Metro Tasks. It allows users to add images and contacts to these task notes. For repeating tasks, users need to set the frequency.

These tasks can also be organized according to the priorities. Metro Tasks notifies the completed tasks, the overdues and the tasks that are in progress with different icons. The wheel at the right hand side (or at the bottom) of the screen helps in switching between these different tasks. Therefore, once in a while users can have a glance to manage their workflow. Twitter and Facebook integration is there to make social sharing possible.

metro tasks

Metro Tasks has an attractive interface and it performs efficiently. However, while using the app for the first time, users may find it a bit difficult to navigate through it. To overcome this issue, the developer has presented a tutorial that guides them into the app, when they use it for the first time.

This app is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later. If you are busy and find it hard to manage your daily schedule without an assistant, Metro Tasks can be your life-saver. As it is a productivity app, Metro Tasks is worth its price.

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