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Zen 8 – Bring Life to Your Story with Sound

If you are an avid use poster of images and photos and you like stringing them together to share a story, then you have to look into Zen 8. This app does not offer anything new to the social media scene, but rather offers a great new option to add sound and music to your visuals. Pictures and videos are fun to share and say a lot, but they become monumentally more moving when paired with sound. The sound can be instrumental, it can be a favorite song, just about anything. The point is that the auditory addition to your offering adds a great deal to send your message.

The message can be serious or funny or exciting, and Zen 8 helps you make it so. It’s free to download and easy to use. If you want to upgrade to a version that has more to offer, you can opt for two different subscriptions: Premium for one month is $4.99 and a Premium subscription is $29.99 for one year. You can use the app for free for 7 days, and once the 7-day period is over, you will automatically be charged the one-year fee if you don’t cancel or choose the one-month option – so this is something to be wary of.

Using the app is very easy. All you do is choose the image or video, choose your genre of music, and then share it. Zen 8 packages it all together for you to send out on Instagram or Snapchat. Music genres include Hip Hop, Techno, House, Future Bass, Chillrave and Downtempo. You can take videos that are 6 to 15 seconds in length and you can save them from within the app.

There’s nothing difficult about using the app, it’s all up front and it’s intuitive. But that just sounds boring. It provides a great deal of fun and makes it so easy to share content with some spice to make that moment more exciting and bring your friends and family into the action from wherever they are.

A few changes or improvements might be to cater to some other user groups, like maybe adding some Classical or film scores. I think those types of musical pieces add tons of value for a variety of posts. I would also like to see the app notify the user of the upcoming 7-day free period end so they can make a choice before they are charged the $29.99.

Zen 8 is a great addition to any social media apps you use, elevating your social media shares to make others laugh or jump and say, “wow, that looks like tons of fun!” Share something exciting and make it say what you really want it to say with sound.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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