GreenPleco – An App That Teaches to Love Environment

Play wild! Go green!

greenplecoPeople believe that technology can’t be good for environment. That is true to a certain extent as the high-tech gadgets have had a negative impact on the environment. There are people still out there making their effort to save the environment with the help of technology. Let me introduce an mobile app that could impress environment lovers.

GreenPleco is an iPhone game that has interesting and eco-friendly challenges such as plugging the pipe that pollutes the river water. Let me explain this challenge. Players need to push the ball with a fish to the pipe to plug it and stop the pollution. While progressing through the game, players can find algae that provide bonus points, while the apples offer recycle boosters.


I could only try this part of the game, as it was too hard to cross. The fish can travel in only one direction – that is forward. Users cannot make it turn, so if they want to move back, they need to guide it to go reverse. Another interesting thing about this app is, it has an Exit button. I have checked hundreds of apps, but I don’t think I had seen an exit button before this. [pullquote]GreenPleco guarantees excitement with some interesting characters such as the Sucker fish, pig Bounce, crab Claudia, and Turtle Gemma.[/pullquote]

I think GreenPleco has a great concept that the developers really found it hard to execute. The sucker fish and the effect of river water look just fine, but they could have made the entire area to look a bit more pleasing. Nevertheless, this app is incredible and amazing.

GreenPleco is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later. It costs USD 1.99. The developers have promised to donate a portion of the sales to non profit organizations working on the field environment. It is really a great effort that deserves to be supported.

Rating: 8/ 10

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