Bankers vs. Humans HD – A Hilarious iPad Game

Get into the endless chase!

Bankers vs Humans HDAs there has been a huge rise in the number of new iPad apps, one can see app developers coming up with new concepts to battle it out in the App Store. That is great news for iPad users. Let me introduce a game that has a funny concept. Yes… you don’t have to take it serious.

Bankers vs. Humans HD is an iPhone app that takes inspiration from Occupy Wall Movement. By adding a humorous touch to that entire episode, the developers have come out with this interesting game. This app takes players above the skies of some exciting destinations like Switzerland, Brazil and New York.

Bankers vs Humans HD

In this game, the players need to take the role of Banker or the Human. It has four different characters Fat Trader, Slick Banker, Hippie or Intellectual. As this game uses the accelerometer, the controls are pretty easy. However there would be some hindrances such as private jets, poison pills, SEC investigations and protesters. If the player assumes the role of the Banker, his objective would be getting promoted as the CEO. For those who play as human needs to become president. [pullquote]The concept of Bankers vs. Humans HD is entirely new and the game is really fast-paced.[/pullquote]

iPad games are generally larger in size. That is understandable as the developers need to make them in HD to provide great gaming experience on the tablets. However, Bankers vs. Humans HD is really pretty big (262 MB). Therefore, it takes time to download.

Bankers vs. Humans HD is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later. It costs USD 0.99. This app was launched only a week ago and we checked the first version. It looks fine without any flaws. Don’t miss this app, if you have the liking for hilarious games.

Rating: 9/ 10

2 comments On Bankers vs. Humans HD – A Hilarious iPad Game

  • Ok just tried this – lol some of the cutscenes just cracked me up. Gameplay is tough though..
    Overall I would say it gets addictive but requires concentration. 7.5/10

  • Surprisingly funny game! Don't usually go for featured apps but this one was a gem! Loved the graphics, the easy gameplay and the fact its super addictive!! can't put it down since i got it! 4/5!

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