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Calling all chemists! Do you hate to type up all those complicated chemistry equations? Remembering to capitalize first characters and use lower case for the second, trying to remember what the symbols were and then writing them all out? Well, fear no more! takes away the pain of having to remember the intricacies of chemical reactions and how to notate them.

It takes the periodic table that we all know and love, and turns it into a keyboard. Yes, a keyboard. You simply have to type in the elements involved, select the plus sign to link the elements together and then select the right arrow button to create the reaction. If the elements selected can create more than one compound, the app will show this and allow you to select the one you want.

The periodic table keyboard is set up just as it looks on any real scientific period table. It even identifies each of the elemental families by color coding them, which makes finding elements so much more easier.

Note, that this is not a game. Users should know a little bit of chemistry before they use this app. Nothing bad will happen if you dont know much, but the app wont do much if you type in random elements that can never be put together in a reaction.

Young chemists can learn a great deal about elements, which ones can react with others and in what quantity. Users will learn more about molecular weights of each element. By reacting elements together at random, and if they go together, users will also learn more about new types of compounds that they otherwise may never have come across.

Once you are done with a reaction, you delete it using the delete key. There is no Clear button, so you have to remove your equation one item at a time.

Remember solving chemical equations and having to make sure that the equation was balanced? Well helps with that, as well. You can type in the elements that belong on the left side of the equation, and then press the right arrow button to see the resulting reaction. When done, if there is a resulting reaction, you can select the old fashioned weigh scale symbol to see if the equation is balanced.

Not only does it serve as a learning tool to see what compounds can be created by streaming together a series of elements, students can use it to check their chemistry homework!

The only downside to the app, which is minor at this point, is that it does not support the ability to enter a resulting compound from a reaction to see what its constituent elements would be. That would be an interesting feature to add, not only to teach about what a commonly known compound like water or air is composed of.

This app was quite useful and easy to use. While it does not offer any guide or help, it is simple enough in functionality to not need it, allowing users to play around and experiment with it.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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