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Ever look up into the sky, see a plane cut the sky in a smooth glide, and wonder which one it is and where is it going? I’ve always loved watching the live displays offered during several flights that portray exactly where your plane is located and where it is headed, on a preset track to its destination. Well now, you can use RadarBox24 Pro to see exactly who’s up there, carrying people from one place to another.

RadarBox24 Pro, made for your iPhone or iPad determines your location and displays the flock of flying giants that currently occupy the skies above. Tap into the AirNav RadarBox receivers strategically placed around the world to see what flights are in various cities, countries and locales. About 90% of Europe is covered, so it’s fairly accurate on up-to-the-minute flights. Within the U.S. the RadarBoxes also tap into FAA radar stations, serving up real data.

RadarBox24 Pro

Download the app, create an account and get started on an adventure like no other. Those who are flying buffs love knowing about which plane just crossed the sky and where it may be headed. Flying is still so serene and adventuresome, all at the same time, that it continues to conjure wonderment and awe, even though it’s been around for so long. Once you have an account, you can find out more about fellow RadarBox24 Pro observers. See what they are tracking. You can even use this app to see if a flight you are expecting is close by; because, let’s face it, sometimes the airline sites aren’t always the most correct.

Looking to save those special locations you love to follow? Go to Favorites and add cities, countries or areas. RadarBox24 Pro will find what it can tap into for you and will allow you to select it. Area Events lists all flights that are hovering over your head, that very moment. Settings allows you to customize viewing options and how much data you wish to see and share. Choose the type of map you want to see, the radius of how far you want to monitor flights, and more. You can also view data from airports: flights that left, just leaving, or are just arriving.

RadarBox24 Pro

The one downside I experienced on occasion was that the app just closed on its own, without warning. I was hovering over Europe to see what was going on in that area, and all of a sudden the screen went black and the app was done. I went back into the app, tried playing around with Settings, no problem, but as soon as I tried to view flights, it quit. Not sure what I did, or if it was a slow connection. Should be looked into real quick!

All in all, this is a fun app for those who crave everything about planes, flights and who may be flying in close proximity. Kids will love it, too. You can use the Sky View option to point towards the heaven and find flights that are really close by. Whether you are entertaining or just observing, RadarBox24 Pro is sure to please.

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