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UVUEME – Make Your Emails and Texts Look Great

In todays world of electronic communication, a lot of professional messages are sent through emails and even texts. These messages, while occasionally sent through informal means, must retain some formality.

Its not always easy to remember to have a signature at the bottom of every message. Some email services offer the ability to add signatures, but they arent always customizable.

UVUEME is a program that allows emails and text messages sent from your phone to end with a signature.

The Custom Template, which must be purchased, allows a logo or image of your choice to show up at the end of every message sent from you iOS mobile device. There are some cute free templates as well.

Uvueme app

The information in the signature can be changed at any time. Options to include are

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Five lines of text

This app offers a professional signature at the end of every message sent from your device. With the description box that can contain five lines of text, you have the ability to show off your business or clarify your position.

If you ever send one message to someone, they immediately have access to all the necessary contact information.

The recipient does not need to have UVUEME, but after seeing the app in action theyll want to know what you used.

I liked the ability to end my messages with a professional signature. To get your own image though, you need to pay $1.99 for a renewable subscription. Its so that you can use their Cloud servers to store your image.

The only problem I had was the design. The look of the app isnt that great. It takes some getting used to, honestly. Not all of the free templates were ones that I would use professionally. However, I did choose to pay to upload my own images.

UVUEME makes sending a professional looking message a lot easier. It saves time in exchanging contact details and just makes me look more professional overall. All I have to worry about when I send a text message is if my spelling is correct, not whether I give off the right impression. Definitely happy with this app.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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