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Tribe – Social Media for Selective Sharing

Like most others heavily hooked into social media, I like Facebook and posting updates, photos and videos to all of my friends, and their friends, and so on, and so on. You get the picture. Well, after a while, I was getting to the point that there were some clips that just werent meant for all of my Facebook family, if I could call it that. I needed a place where I could invite my small circle of friends and those more quirky and off-the-wall clips that the entire world did not have to see, or should not see.

The Fix

I ventured onto the App Store to see what my options were and came across this great app called Tribe. At first, I was not sure if it was what I was looking for, but as I read through the description of the app, I realized this Tribe just might be the solution to my dilemma.


Tribe differs from other social media apps that let you shoot and share by limiting who gets to see your posts. The app is also limited to videos and does not share anything you record on any of its servers. Heres what I found out about Tribe:

  • Describe your Tribe. Choose up to 10 friends to share with. You dont have to choose 10, thats just the max.
  • Videos are accessible by only your Tribe
  • You choose whether or not you want to save or scrap your videos
  • Videos are 5 seconds in length, maximum.
  • Comment on others videos with Taps and Whistles.
  • Friends have 24 hours to accept an invite to your tribe. Same goes for me as well, when I get an invite.

I downloaded Tribe, which was free, and added two of my closest friends to my Tribe invited list. Within minutes they downloaded the app and accepted my invite. Then I got going on some video clips. It took a bit a time to figure out which one to post, but when I did, my friends loved it.

I especially like this app for the fact that I can send out something that I really dont want to share with the world. I only want those closes to me to see it. Sometimes it may be quirky, sometimes it may be serious, and sometimes it may be at a time when I am really low; but, I can do so with the reassurance of knowing that I know who will see it, and that no one else will.


get it on google play

Rating: 10/ 10
Price: Free