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aJoy – A Joy to Send and Receive

Messaging and chat sessions are pretty much the way that people communicate and connect these days. Who even picks up the phone and talks anymore? Well, sometimes just sending words can get boring. Yeah, you can add some spice by adding emojis, but think of the response youll get if you jazz up your text a bit with some sound and action.

I found aJoy for iPhone and Android smartphones that takes messaging to a whole new level. It lets you send messages that carry more than just a standard message, it makes the message more fun to read.

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aJoy asks the user to register with its phone number. No other personal information is required, which is a refreshing change. Then you are in. From there you can choose from a myriad of options.


  • Chat at will. Your friends dont have to be online when youre sending.
  • Automatic Contacts: The apps contact list is built from your devices contact list.
  • Anyone can get a message. Even friends who dont have aJoy installed yet. Once they install, theyll get a barrage of fun!
  • Its not just for text. You can send videos, pictures and voice, as well.
  • Audio Effects let you change your natural voice, or tweak it a little or a lot, just for the heck of it.
  • Send a surprise. Messages can be nicely packaged or turned into puzzles, so friends can have fun while they decipher your diction.
  • Messages are secure. Only the receiver is able to see them.
  • Data is not kept on servers. You keep it.
  • aJoy does not participate in Big Data, that means they dont collect your activities.

The option that sounded the most interesting was the puzzle message. I think my friends will get a huge kick out of doing the puzzle of a picture I plan to send. The idea of sending a puzzle itself is goofy, and I can just imagine the laughs I will get when my friends see it.

Mangling my voice with audio edits sounds like it will be amusing, too. You can make your voice go in super fast speed, sound like Speedy Gonzales, go in really slow motion, sound like a Gnome, sound like its coming from a canyon, and more.

aJoy sounds like a definite download if you are looking for a unique way to send a message that also sends a smile. This app seems to make it easy to send some fun, as well.

available-in-the-app-store-iconRating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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