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Sprint Hero Requires Focus and Planning

I am a Sprint Hero! Ok, just kidding but I have gotten through a number of the levels and challenges. I first started out by playing ZigZag.  The game required you to tap the screen to change the direction of the ball and to actually keep the ball moving forward.  That was really about it. There was no challenge other than controlling the direction of the ball. I lost interest very quickly.

There are a number of reasons I have kept on going back to Sprint Hero. I think the changes in the different challenges, levels and backgrounds are one of the reason that have kept me playing Sprint Hero, even when I was frustrated with the game. Sprint Hero is more than just tapping away at your screen. It requires focus and planning.

The graphics are also great. They continuously change as you proceed along the levels. They almost blend from one to the next. You have night time, day time, snow, sun. You name it, you will likely run through it.Sprint Hero screenshotThe controls are easy. You basically hold down the control to run and release at the right time to chop your fruit.  Do not be fooled though. Sprint Hero is about more than running and jumping. With Sprint Hero, it is all about the timing. Let go too soon and you miss the fruit, let go too late, you will miss the fruit which really means, you have to time your actions perfectly. You also pick up speed while running so you have to factor all that into your jump.  Trust me when I tell you, my family found my first few tries hilarious. I was frustrated at missing the jump but, oh so determined to get it right.

Chopping the fruit means you get to continue onto the next level. Another benefit is that you do no lose the fruits you have accumulated. Unlike with ZigZag, I wanted to keep going. I never lost interest (even if I did have to do the same level over a few times). I was determined to get it right. I think that was one of the greatest appeals of the game.  You can continue moving forward if you only chop one the fruits with each jump,  but another part of the challenge is collecting as many as possible.

Easier said than done, believe me. I have so far only managed to get 2 of the 3 fruits on most levels. My new challenge to myself is to get all three. I have yet to achieve that but I have had a great time trying.

get it on google playRating: 10/ 10

Price: Free

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