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Bright Objects – Hidden Object: A Fun and Clever Little Item-finding Game

In the vein of pleasant little time killers that will both make the hours fly by and keep both your mind and powers of observation sharp, Cleverside presents Bright Objects: Hidden Object. A great little title to boot up during downtime at work, or during slow weekends, Bright Objects offers a wide variety of levels across many categories to keep you entertained. Some of the categories include fantasy, nature, and holidays if you’re feeling festive. The game offers both free and paid versions. In the free version, once you use three hints, you have to sit through an ad. Some ads are optional, and allow you to stockpile hints for your time. The paid version removes most ads for ten dollars.

After installation, the app is very well organized and has one of the quickest load times you’ve ever seen. From the outset, you see how hard Cleverside has worked to set this game apart. The objects bar at the bottom of each image offers 360-degree rotation, rather than the traditional side-to-side scrolling. This eliminates the feeling that you are wasting time trying to find a certain item. Here, you can scroll forever.

Zooming is a welcome feature. Bright Object allows you to pinch and zoom to close in on a scene, so you can find that one particular item instead of taking a hammer to your phone. The levels are challenging without being overwhelming. Each picture has fifteen items to find, with varying degrees of difficulty.

Bright Objects strikes the balance well between fun and challenging. As you’re always hunting for different objects on screen, and pinching and zooming in order to locate these various objects, this title is a great way to keep your mind sharp.

One of the app’s best features is that it’s designed to hook you fast, and it succeeds very well in this endeavor. The load time after installation is almost nonexistent. You are immediately taken to the home screen, which is easy to read and navigate. You are free to choose from one of the title’s many categories, or you can jump right into one of the game’s images that are presented front and center beneath the categories. Once I was in, I completely lost track of the time. I went through about four levels in half an hour. Bright Soft absolutely gets immersion right.

One of the only flaws in this app is that some of the pictures have similar colors, making it difficult to discern different items for the visually impaired. This is not enough to keep you from downloading and installing the game, as there are so many categories and levels that you can just bypass the ones that may frustrate you.

Bright Objects: Hidden Objects is a fun and clever little item-finding title that brings something fresh to the genre while offering enough depth to keep you entertained for hours. It also dares to offer so much in the free version that you won’t feel pressured to upgrade. Simply install, hit start, and enjoy.


get it on google playRating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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