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PersonalityMatch Revamps Relationships Backed by Psychological Research

Its hard to know why people do what they do. We all have different things that motivate us and different things that anger us. So, how can we learn to interact with others in a way that they will positively respond to? PersonalityMatch is the answer.

PersonalityMatch is an app that you can download for free to figure out what kind of personality you have. Based on the questions asked and answers you choose you get a report that identifies the personality category you fit into. This can be introvert or extrovert, sensitive or logical, planner or doer.

While the app wont cost you a cent, you do have the opportunity to purchase in-app extras, including an assessment of your personality to see what career lines fit you best, a fully detailed characterization of your personality, complete with suggestions on how to deal with other personality types, why you react to things the way you do, and how to understand others better.

First thing youll be asked to do after download is to register. The app wont work if you dont. You can register using an email address, Facebook and WhatsApp. This will trigger the questions. There are about 30 questions that are not difficult, but can accurately assess your personality on multiple levels.


These questions dont just come from anywhere. They are backed by years of study and proven methods, stemming from research done my Briggs-Meyers and Carl Jung. Im sure you already know where this is going.

The personality types have four components. Mine came out to be ISTJ Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging. I was not so sure about the judging part, but I did answer the questions from my heart, so it must be true.

Anyhow, back to PersonalityMatchonce you complete the questions, the app creates your profile and lists a few bullet items that describe you. At this point you can stop, or you can choose for More. More will take you to a screen that allows you to:

  • MATCH your personality with a Friends
  • RETEST yourself to fix your answers
  • CAREER gives you information that you can use to help in your career, but this requires an in-app purchase

If you choose to get the detailed information on your personality, this will also require an in-app purchase.

What is really neat is the ability to SHARE your personality findings with others using Facebook or Twitter. A fun thing to go over and laugh about.

PersonalityMatch app is a lot of fun, and can be very useful, but I did start to wonder what good it would be once you have figured out the ins and outs of your personality and how best to use your strong points to your advantage, in any relationship. What are the next steps or features for the app and how would you use it or need it? That is something the app creators should consider.

I am going to enjoy PersonalityMatch app to its fullest. I can see lots of ways this is going to help at work, with my kids, and most importantly, with my in-laws.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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