Konami Slots

Konami Slots – Progressive Slots with Real World Rewards

If you like a good game of slots and don’t have a chance to get out to Vegas or Atlantic City too often, then you need to download Konami Slots now! Konami Slots, created by PlayStudios for Android, is unlike any other slots game you have ever played.

At first impression, you may be thinking, how unique and fun can one more slots app be? Well, give Konami a try and find out. I am not big on gambling, but this slots game is something that will get you hooked, providing hours of entertainment if that’s what you seek.

It starts off simple. You play the slots, win coins, and advance to games with higher stakes and greater rewards. The thing is that the game keeps you involved every step of the way, so there is no chance of getting bored or turned off. You end up looking forward to the next level of game play.

The download is free. Once you are in, the app gives you 50,000 chips to start with. If you choose to connect with your Facebook account, you get a bonus 25,000 chips. To start, there is only one slot that you can play, Lotus Land. Each spin can cost a different number of chips, and you will see this on the screen.

Konami Slots

If you choose to Bet Max, then you are choosing to put more at stake, giving you a chance to win the highest payout.

With every spin, you earn more points and opportunities to unlock even bigger wins:

  • More points unlock tickets that can be used on the Super Lucky Machine a happy cat that waves at you.
  • With every spin, the game is measuring your experience. You gain experience points that help to earn you higher thresholds on your maximum bet amounts.
  • Loyalty Points are earned anywhere in the game, through interaction with friends and more. These points can be redeemed through partner businesses, like scoring a discount at a premier Vegas hotel.

If you find yourself running low on chips, have no fear. You can make an in-app purchase to replenish your reinforcements. Most of the time you will find that you won’t need to make such purchases; but, if you are super close to a prize, like a cruise, then spending some dough may be well worth it.

I found Konami Slots extremely entertaining and fun to play. I did have to monitor myself from playing too much, because after all, it is gambling at the very core, and it can be hard to stop. The only recommendation I can give to the developers is to make the rules of payout a bit easier to read. I found it under the bottom middle section, where you could select Bet Max. The print was small for this old set of eyes. I wanted to understand what I was getting when I chose Bet Max.

Once you play a few rounds, you get the gist of the game and begin to enjoy it more. I was not a big slots person, but this game got me hooked!

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10

Price: Free

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