CalcForm Makes iPhone Maths Easy

Make your own calculator! 

The arrival of smartphones has made working on the go as easy as 1-2-3. It has become a regular occurrence for many of us. They key requirement for working on the go is the ability to manage things like mail accounts, calendar and payments. This review can help people in this.

CalcForm (= Calculator + Spreadsheet), developed by Pure Signal, is a utility app that lets users create their own custom calculators. After launching this app, users could find five areas in the main screen – Home, Calculator, Add, Store and Info. They can create customized CalcForms by tapping on the Add button.


For this, they need to provide a name (for the CalcForm) and enter details like Name, Type, Unit and Info for Input and Output areas. If they don’t have the time for doing all these things, they can buy the built-in CalcForms such as Weight Loss, Profit Projection, Budget Planner, Vacation Planner, Calorie Tracker, and Knitting and Crochet for USD 0.99 each. Users can also make a copy of an existing CalcForm to create a new one. CalcForm has a standard calculator for simple maths. It almost looks like the default calculator of iOS. After launching this standard calculator inside CalcForm, users can get back to the app by tapping the Home button.


This app is pretty effective, but the users must have some experience in dealing with spreadsheets to make the most of it. They have to be familiar with things such as input types, entering decimals and units and setting percentages. CalcForm cannot help much for those who are not familiar in this area. It would have been much better, if the developer could have provided some guidance for these things in the Help area.

CalcForm is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later. If you work a lot on the go, it may be worth your while to get this app. CalcForm costs you nothing; moreover, it doesn’t have any ads. Just give it a try!

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