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Give your words that extra impact!

If simple, everyday fonts just don’t seem to give your words that extra impact you are looking for, then Cool Comment.s Free is the app you need. Free to download, it comes loaded with a neat set of fonts that make every message you send mean that much more. Cool Comment.s Free is an app from Daneco Ltd. that provides users of various social media applications a new and unique set of fonts that make every word they type and transmit carry added value.

Basic fonts are fine for informative pieces and essays, but when you really want your words to shine, artistic formulations of letters grab attention and keep eyes open. When you download the free app, you get about 21 different free fonts. Some look like a new languages altogether, but a closer inspection reveals their true identity to be some form of English, but in a new look and feel.

Letters take on an entirely new personality, effortlessly. The app is so simple to use. You start by choosing one of the free fonts. Then, you type a message. This message can then be used as a post in Facebook, a message on WhatsApp, an Instagram comment, a Tweet, an email, a post on Pinterest, a message on Vine, an SMS message or a message on InstaWords. Depending on your choice of communication, you can make your words adorn the screen for the recipient. They will be taken aback by the stylish note.

Cool Comments Free

If you use it on Pinterest, you will impress fellow users with your unique sense of style. From the screen on which you typed your message, you tap on the “send” icon and then double-tap on the social media venue of your choice, then click “Paste.” That’s it. Your creative communication will make its way to its destination, delivered with finesse. To get even more fonts, you can unlock Cool Comment.s Pro for $4.99. This will get you another 21 extra fonts, which you can already see, but not use, from the free version of the app.

Doing a quick scan of what was available for free, I found the choices to be plenty and quite nice. I really like the fonts that looked somewhat like hieroglyphics, and when used, really made neat renderings of each character in the English alphabet. My favorite was Crazy Font. It looked quite foreign at first, but when I typed a few messages, I found myself smiling because of its quirky but happy look.

The really neat thing is that you can mix fonts within a message. When the app is first downloaded, it seems so simple that one might assume it can only use one font per message. After a bit of experimentation, it is easy to see that they can be changed, although it can get tedious if you choose to mix it up too much.

There was not much to be said in terms of the negative with this app. The only nuisance was the continual disruptions to play a free game. That just comes with the territory of downloading a free app. Get past that and you will thoroughly enjoy the amazing messages you will be able to pen down and send to friends and followers everywhere.

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