Millionaire GOLD – A Thrilling and Challenging Game

And a worthwhile pastime tool!

The Millionaire GOLD app is an interesting take of the television game show: Who Wants to be a Millionaire. This show has been done in many countries with great success in each of them. Just like in the show, the app’s user tries to answer a series of questions correctly. The concept is really simple for any of the 5500 queries you solve in the 15 difficulty levels you are given a point that should edge you closer to the grand prize. You will also be offered with four options to help you answer the question in case you don’t have the correct answer. This is a great tool to use to increase your knowledge as you have fun. Here is a review of the must see app.

The app is a worthwhile pastime tool for anyone who loves to know something about everything. This game is classified in 15 different difficulty levels, with a total of 5500 high quality questions. This app has also been christened with a modified interface and customized lifelines system to give you a fair fighting chance.

When a question becomes difficult, you are given the option to phone a friend to assist you, 50/50 chance that knocks out two wrong answers to give you a 50% chance of getting the correct answer and also the choice to ask the audience just like in the hit game show. The ask-the-audience lifeline is a bit different here because it gives you percentages of the users supporting each answer. Added to these is the new lifeline which allows you to switch the question. However, this lifeline is only accessible when you are connected to the internet. The manufacturer has also gone the extra mile in ensuring that you get the whole experience by adding to the app soundtracks that bring you the real atmosphere of the game complete with the tension and all the anxiety as you wait for your answer to be marked.

Millionaire Gold

Unlike most apps that host huge amounts of adverts, you will find Millionaire GOLD very entertaining since it only hosts very few advertisements. This gives it an edge since as a result of this you will get to enjoy the game more and at the same time, you will concentrate more. In addition to these modifications work has been done to ensure that you are able to optimize the game play for your widescreen devices so that the fun doesn’t stop on your phone. Unlike most apps that only offer enjoyment this app also offers you the opportunity to learn more and test your skills intellectually on top of the enjoyment.

The app concept is a really good one that gives everything that a user would want from a mimic of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” On the other hand, the game becomes less enjoyable in devices and regions that have problems connecting to the internet. This is because you won’t be in a position to use the fourth lifeline that can be life-saving in some situations.

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