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Take Control of Expenses and Save More with Debby App

Not knowing where your money goes on a daily or monthly basis makes it difficult to save and to plan for the future; and, let’s face it, not all of us have an estranged rich aunt from whom we’ll inherit a fortune. Most of us have to rely on our own income, allotting that towards necessary expenses, and then using the rest in a way that targets our goals.

While many folks have different ways of tracking expenses, one of the more popular methods involves using a spreadsheet. This is fine if you have time to sit on a laptop or tablet to enter data and see how balances change as you enter your expenses for the month. You basically have to figure out how you are going to capture your input, the outputs, what’s left and what you want to do with it.

Now, if you have an app that does all the nitty gritty work for you so you can focus on making smart decisions about your money.

Debby App

Debby App is an app that provides users with a quick and easy to use tool to get up to date snapshots of your finances on a monthly basis, so you know how to adjust expenses and you can allot them by priority. For you initial setup, the app will ask you what your balance is. I assume this is what you have in your bank account, available to pay for expenses. The next item is your rent, which usually is the largest expense a person has. My only beef with this app is that it uses the word rent. This app can be used by homeowners, too, so the “rent” can be understood to be “housing payment” in general.

After that, you will be prompted to enter your other overall monthly expenses in bulk and your income. You also enter the date of your next paycheck. From there, the app estimates what you will have leftover. Under the bulk expenses area, you can expand upon it and enumerate specific expenses so you can monitor those. The app has a feature that will help you remember when payments are due. If a payment is coming due or due today, it is marked with a red dot, so you know you have to take action.

What I like is that the app calculates what you have left over on a daily and monthly basis, empowering you with the knowledge of what you can spend on a daily basis if you select the Today screen. This helps spontaneous shoppers keep a check on their spending and not go overboard. Funds that are not spent on one day show up as extra on the next day and the app then lets you opt to put that away into savings.

What would be nice to see in the app is the ability to extract a report so you can see how you have done over time. Having a in the moment snapshot of your finances is great, and it would be further strengthened if you could see the improvements you’ve made. If instead there were pitfalls, it’s good to see those too, to help you avoid them in the future.

Overall, Debby App is a superb app for helping almost anyone figure out finances and help them take control of their money. It’s simple and easy to use, which makes it ideal for anyone who wants a clean and straightforward way to make the most of their money.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: $0.99

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