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Save the Day on a Spaceship – Spacemite

Easy to say and do as a normal size astronaut, but what if you were a tiny mite, with the characteristics of a human, who worked on a spaceship, making sure everything was in tip-top shape so the pilots could do their job? While you might be small is size, you provide a great deal of help and assistance to the crew. Now, imagine that the spaceship has been attacked by aliens that are also too small to see. It’s up to you to help save the day, because only you can get to places that no other can get to and make it so that the pilots of the spaceship can fend off the attacks.

This game has very sharp graphics, interesting background music and easy to use controls to help you move your character across various areas of the ship. You will move him side to side and jump up to move from one platform to another. Jumping is something that took some time for me to master and the mite can even jump up walls by clinging to them almost like a spider.

When you first start the game, something that looks like a bot will guide you through what to do next and it provides explanations of what you can do and what you cannot. Your aim initially is to move around and follow the bot to get further instructions and get things done. What was a little confusing for me at first was the inability to know where to go once you’ve completed a step. The bot seems to shift to a new location, and it’s difficult to see where it goes. But with a little wandering, you will eventually find it and get to your next task.

From the setting menu, you can view a map of the entire spaceship to help you get a sense of the various areas you will be traveling to. The app itself is free to download and comes with a few in-app purchases, allowing you to remove ads and let you upgrade to buy a pet. You can adjust sound settings and change the size of the controls, which is recommended for larger screen sizes.

As you play the game and score more points, the app will open up more options for your mite. You can select from different assistants and pets and gear that help you move about the spaceship quickly and safely.

I found the game to be pretty interesting and something that would keep one’s interest. Each task and adventure are different, so you are kept on your toes and the intensity of game play increases gradually, so you are not caught off guard. It’s a safe and engaging game for kids, to be sure; but players of all ages will find a great deal of entertainment playing the game. My hope is to see a better tutorial so you can better understand what you are supposed to do in the game and maybe even practice how to move your mite.

As an entertainment app, Spacemite is something worth downloading because it packages an interesting character with a challenging situation that you can slowly grow into and master. The concept behind the game may not be unique, but it is certainly addicting and fun to play.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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