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Park Grand London Hotels App – A Handy Life Saver

For those who wish to book their holidays or business trips from the comfort of their mobile without searching through numerous websites and going through the difficulty of making decisions between prices and hotels, the Park Grand London Hotels app is the handy life saver for you. Park Grand is a group of hotels in the main locations of London and their app brings together all information about these hotels to one place making life easier for their customers.

The Park Grand London Hotels app is available free on the play store. Just download and install the app and it is good to go. There is not much in terms of installation or set up of the app. Opening the app comes up with a show of the hotels pictures on a screen. Below the show, the user has the options to input the Check in and Check out dates, choose all of Park Grand Properties or specific hotels from the list if they have something specific in their mind and then look for hotels or rooms. The list of hotels that are in the Park Grand Group are as follows

  • All Park Grand Properties
  • Park Grand, Paddington Court London
  • Park Grand, London Kensington
  • Park Grand, London Hyde Park
  • Park Grand, London Paddington
  • Park Grand, London Heathrow
  • Park Grand, London Lancaster Gate
  • The Piccadilly London West End

The main feature of this app is that it lets the user browse through their whole group of hotels the Park Grand in one place and lets them decide on the best deal available. The app users have access to a huge gallery of images for individual hotels as well.

Park Grand London hotels screenshot

The user inputs the dates and the number of adults and children on the main screen, chooses All Park Grand properties or a selective Park Grand Hotel and the tapping on Book now brings up a list of hotels available within the group of hotels or list of rooms for an individual hotel depending on what option the user selected for those dates. This list can be sorted based on price from low to high or high to low on this page.

There are info icons for each hotel or room that when tapped, gives detailed information for the user. For example, tapping the info icon for a hotel opens up a page with the type of rooms available, their price and contact details for that particular hotel and tapping the info icon for a room comes up with pictures of the room, the amenities, facilities, nearby attractions with address, TV channels accessible, etc.

Once the user is happy with a particular room or rooms, booking is a straight forward process. Just tapping the Book now button on that page will guide the user to a page to add any enhancements like wine, flowers, chocolates in the room, etc. The user depending on their need can either choose or skip enhancements. Tapping Confirm Now on this page will take the user to a page where they input personal details, payment details and finally confirm the booking.

There is an easily accessible menu button on the top left of the screen that provides a more personalised interface to the user. The user can login after registration or after a booking is done and from there on, they can take full control over their bookings and other available features from within the app. Changes can be made to bookings based on availability from within the app itself.

The menu also has options to view rooms and suites in hotels, restaurants and bars, corporate bookings, event halls, maps of nearby attractions and look at any offers that are going on at that moment.

The app could have offers set to pop up while on a screen so users can compare their interests with the offers to see if anything is available to suit their needs. There can also be suggestions based on prices and room facilities by comparing similar rooms or prices in different hotels for users, so that they save time scrolling through a list of hotels / rooms. iOS version of Park Grand London Hotels app is available.

In short, whether you are planning a holiday trip or a business trip to the capital city, The Park Grand group of hotels have something available to suit everyones budget. They are affordable with high class service and there is nothing that can beat their quality for this price.

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10

Price: Free

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