Freezebeer Helps Chill Beer to Optimum Temperature

When Kris Kristofferson says in his song, “and the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad so I had one more for dessert”, he romanticizes the beverage that has been a part of several folklores and is still very close to our hearts. No other drink can ever replace a pint of frigid ale on a warm summer evening. With the help of the FreezeBeer app, you can control the temperature of your beer and savor it the way it is meant to be savored – chilled.

Since the market for alcohol shifted towards home consumption in the last century, beer has grown manifold in popularity. With refrigerators becoming commonplace, this trend has increased further. But the temperature at which beer is served must be optimal otherwise its flavor can be impacted, something that nobody would ever desire. The Freezebeer app can come in handy in such tricky situations. It is basically a timer that tells you the total time required by your beer to reach the suitable temperature for its consumption.

It has a plain and simple interface with a straighforward and uncomplicated function. You can assign different values to the room temperature, freezer temperature and goal temperature depending on your conditions. Then select if it is a bottle or a can, and hit start. Based on your input values, a timer begins that prompts you at the end to take the bottle or the can out of the freezer. The help buttons next to the input values give a detailed explanation allowing the user to know exactly what value he is supposed to assign. For example, clicking the help button next to Goal Temperature will tell you the exact serving temperatures required by different kinds of beer such as light lagers that are served colder than pilsners, and so on. It also warns you to not overcool your beer which we often, in our overzealousness, end up doing. The Freezebeer app also allows you to choose the unit of temperature so that you can easily align it with the temperature displayed on your freezer without going in for a conversion scale.

Freezebeer screenshot

Aesthetically speaking, the Freezebeer app feature beaded beer bubbles on the home screen that seem to be winking at the brim. It makes one long for a mugful of their favorite ale. At the same time, the graphics have been kept minimal keeping in line with the simple functionality offered by the app. When the timer ends, a soothing melody plays with a message on the screen telling you to take your beer out of the freezer.

Simplicity has its downside, especially in our world which is not simple at all. The Freezebeer app gives you only a limited control over different variables affecting the temperature of your beer. For example, the freezer temperature depends on many variables such as the amount of food in it, and you can only assign an approximate value to it. In a situation where a difference of a few degrees can make significant impact on flavors, approximation loses its utility. It raises the question then how is it different than making approximation without the app which we

Freezebeer app offers a unique and automated service to keep your beer at its optimal temperature. This is something that can come to your aid the next time you invite your friends over to catch up on your favorite sporting event, and also when you are just winding down after a tiresome day. 

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