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Badoo – Join the Biggest Dating Network

The dating pool is just as full as the kiddy pool these days. We have all experienced the hopeless dates, the lonely weekends, and the envy of seeing others in thriving relationships. We have all tried to be open, meet people in coffee shops and on the subways, but it never works. Finding someone with one thing in common with you is just as hard as our careers these days.

That’s where the new Badoo dating app comes into play.

This app has become the biggest dating network in the world, where people actually look like their profile pictures. With this app, you can set your location and chat with people near you, and schedule a meet up!

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Not only is it the biggest network, it is the safest. People on this app are safe and have the same wants that you do, to meet someone new. The app is trusted by over 340 million people worldwide. On top of that, it’s free!

Some sites these days want to charge you money to meet someone new, how does that make any sense? Badoo is free and easy to use. The app now has more features that make it easy for you to use, and it now has more people. The matches could be endless, and you can chat with more than one person at once to find the right fit. It now has even more options for you, so that you can match with people easier, and find the conversations even better.

This app is also one of few to have a verification process. So, no catfishing here! You have to prove you are who you are, and that your profile picture isn’t from ten years ago! So, if you find a good looking picture, chances are, they still look like that. Badoo is available for iPhone, Android and also on deskop.

This app isn’t just swipe and go either. Meeting people is way more exciting now, and you can interact more than just seeing a picture and swiping away.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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