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Contract-Free Point of Sale System POSiSales Keeps Your Business on Track and Saves

In business, every interaction you have with your customer should be smooth and successful. You want to avoid hiccups, hang-ups, and anything that will make the interaction take longer than it needs to and it should be easily trackable, to help you run your business. Business owners know that a well-defined point of sale (POS) solution is essential to keeping businesses humming, allowing for quick customer orders, checkouts and also enable business analytics by collection information you need now and into the future.

POSiSales is one such app. It provides a point of sale solution to businesses in just about any space, allowing for the ability to customize your order taking workflow, order filling, a customer database, payment customizations, tax management and reports. POSiSales runs on the iPad, so startup costs are not outrageous and you don’t have bulky machines taking up counter space.

On the business side of things, retailers can easily keep track of services and products they offer and sell. This could be cleaning services, gardening services, home maintenance, massage therapy, salon services, restaurants, gift shops, and so much more. POSiSales allows the retailer to easily upload information about what they sell, along with any detailed information about those products and/or services. The interface to enter this information is very straightforward and easy to use and it allows you to edit as needed. Products and services can be classified into categories based on the retailer’s preference on groupings.


If you are an online business or like to email invoices to customers, POSiSales supports the creation of an invoice that you can save as a “draft” or working copy, so as a project evolves or changes, the invoice can be updated to add or remove items based on the ongoing changes. When complete, the invoices can be emailed to customers directly from within the app.

For retailers in a bricks and mortar setting, POSiSales supports the ability to link different printer IP addresses to each product category, so different areas of the business can print to a different printer. POSiSales links to a Star Micronics printer or to an mPOP cash drawer/printer seamlessly using Bluetooth and/or WiFi. For example, in a restaurant with a bar and a takeout counter near the kitchen, you can have a POSiSales app running on each of the iPads located wherever a point of sale transaction can occur. Each of these iPad can take orders and then check out customers, printing out receipts in that location and offering a quick experience for the customer and for the business.

POSiSales supports currencies of all kinds. And, because tax rates are different all around the world, it supports the ability to enter this, as well.

At the end of the day, POSiSales automatically generates profit, tax collected and line item sales reports, so you know profitability, what and how many items were sold and much tax has been collected. Reports can also be generated for specific time spans, based on your preference. You will have the ability to choose metrics like items sold, invoice overviews and time spent on site by staff.

The app is compatible with Dropbox and Tyro and works with most cash drawers and certain Star receipt printers, so chances are you may already have the hardware you need, and the cloud is always there so you get easy access to your data, from anywhere.

Since POSiSales works only on iPads, you cannot access reports or data from your iPhone, which would have been a nice feature to have at times when you wanted to check on something but did not have one of your business iPads handy.

POSiSales provides a solid solution to businesses looking for a quick POS experience that they can customize to fit their specific needs. It allows for a one-time purchase of a solution with years of benefits to enjoy.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: $299.99

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