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Terapet Wars Kills Your Time During Lockdown

Nothing kills boredom like an adventure card game. Terapet Wars is the latest addition in the genre of strategy and role-play trading card games available on the Google Play Store. With its exciting gameplay experience, Terapet Wars offer a free of cost fun and entertainment to the users at their fingertips.

Terapet Wars lives up to its name with its Viking-themed interface and adrenaline pumping music reminiscent of medieval war anthems. The user plays the role of what is called a Puppeteer and has to control several mythical creatures to win battles against the enemy. Every creature has its signature powers and spells, which are used to destroy the opponent. This is where the excitement comes in. The graphics of the game, although not very refined, enhances its appeal dramatically.

The adventure mode features a storyline in which you have to choose a Commander from a list of 42 available, each having his unique arsenal. This is a crucial step for the victory depends on it. Depending on the type of your Commander, you can build your deck of cards. Terapet Wars boast of over 1000 possibilities of building the deck depending on the type of Commander. You can also opt for a quick adventure in the arcade mode whereby you must defeat all the Commanders while saving your own.

The game begins with choosing a Commander. Thereafter, you are given a set of 4 cards with the option to swap in case you wish to replace one of them. The Puppeteer battles, as they are called in the game, takes place on a battlefield which showcases all your cards. The goal is simple which is to take all the life points from your enemy’s commander before he takes yours. Another factor called Mana is also displayed near your commander’s picture and each card has its Mana cost. You simply have to choose a card and summon a creature into the battle zone using the Mana points which are deducted on doing so. These cards can then be used to attack the enemy. One can also directly attack the enemy commander by attacking an empty slot. Terapet Wars is challenging in the sense that you have to make a strategy to balance your Mana points against the enemy and inflict maximum damage in every turn on their commander before they defeat you.

The concept of Terapet Wars is praiseworthy and somehow similar to the show of Pokémon that we all binge-watched as kids. Collecting various creatures having their own skills and spells, then using them to fight battles bring out that astounding similarity. The game is also very easy to play and get comfortable with. The extended tutorial at the beginning make sure that you get easily acquainted with the gameplay and have a good time uninterrupted by the confusion over the complexity of an action-packed game.

There are a few areas that can be improved upon such as adding more stages in the arcade mode and refining the visual display of the battles. Also, versatility helps engage the users with the gameplay for a longer time. Consequently, repetitiveness is something that can be worked on in Terapet Wars to gain a better following of fans.

For all the adventure-seekers out there always looking for something new and exciting, Terapet Wars offer a chance to put to test their strategy-building acumen in a simple yet thrilling game. It is definitely worth giving a shot!

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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