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Booka – Free Illustrated Books For Children

Do you wish to have the best educational app with wonderful books for your kids of all ages? Booka app is what you need. Booka app would help your toddlers, preschoolers, kiddos, and primary school children learn to read and write. With the aid of colorful animations and illustrations, your kids would get the concept of creativity while learning the fun way.

This mobile collection contains books from the most popular fairy tale and audiobook writers. Even if you went on a vacation without the hardcopy storybook, you would still be able to read your kid’s amazing bedtime stories with the Booka app. These stories would teach figures and alphabets, but your kids would also learn morals like; justice, fairness, kindness, loyalty, and friendship.

If you are still yet to be convinced why you should get the Booka app, here are some beautiful Booka illustrated app features that could convince you.

1. Booka illustrated books would help your kid learn to speak fluently while improving his intelligence and understanding of the world.

2. With Booka, your kids of all ages would never get bored because the illustrations are catchy and incredibly colourful.

3. Booka ensures your kid has something to look forward to at bedtime. It is both fun, entertaining and learning.

4. The app could get acquainted with your kid and provide more internet options for your kid so he can explore some more.

5. Booka has compiled books written by award-winning novelists, and best selling literature hits all for the development of your child.

6. Booka offers variety to your children. There are tales for toddlers, audiobooks for children, storybooks for kids, Bedtime audio series, learning books, educational books e.t.c

7. Each of the audiobooks and audio fairy tales was voiced by professional actors,

8. It has a very good audio recorder that you could take advantage of when you wouldn’t be with your kid before bedtime. You could record your voice alongside the story, and when your child listens to the story, he would still feel your presence.

9. The graphic quality is super nice, and if your kid cannot read yet, he could use the read for me option. He could also read himself if he intends to practice reading more.

10. The stories in this app are very rich and captivating; you kids would love them. And also, most of the stories found in this app are new ones.

11. As you read the books on the Booka app, you get coins daily that you could use to download another new storybook after every two weeks. This guarantees that you always have new books to read as long as you are actively using the app.

12. Not just your toddlers but your teenage children would also love this Booka app because the stories are too wonderful to ignore.

If you have searched for a clean, fun, and wholesome way to teach your kids of all ages, then do not scroll past without downloading the Booka free illustrated book app. This app would surely help your entourage as you attempt to express your love to your kids.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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