Battle It Out in Rule the Kingdom

Train your soldiers to fight all evils!

For every adventure enthusiast, Games Insight brings you this app with battles and games and adventure. You start off your journey with a band of soldiers who can be trained to fight skeletons and trolls, protecting the empire from all sorts of evil. You can also dress your warriors up and make them look like how you want to see them.

This app consists of RPG action, arena fighting, building houses, farming and much more! The Rule the Kingdom is brought to you by the Games Insight LLC. It is compatible with iPhone 4 and above. Available in different languages, like English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish, this provides you with a high dose of entertainment and adventure.

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It gives you a chance to tell your own story and perspective. You make your own empire, gathering resources from different places and training your soldiers to fight all evil. There are unique items to be unlocked and earned, along with the loyalty of your troops as you battle your way through every hardship to keep your kingdom safe. Different types of artifacts can be crafted to defeat your foes. Make weapons of your choice and put them to use in these battles.

Experience life in a far-away kingdom and defeat every obstacle to make life peaceful. You can witness different activities around you, from farming crops, to crafting artifacts. In this peaceful empire, every threat needs to be dealt by you, that is when you charge into battle and restore the tranquility in this kingdom. With different modes of battles, using innovative weapons and earning points and rewards, you can be sure of living an adventure. Mysteries to be uncovered and new friends are to be made, foes are to be dealt with, and your subjects need to be fed! Unleash the deadly spells in this all new gaming app!

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The latest update of Rule the Kingdom has received a few complaints from the users. For instance, one cannot send gifts in the new version of the game, and the screen takes a long time to load. Moreover, the users claim to have lost their previous progress and have to start new. Most importantly, this game can no more be played offline! That has been the biggest drawback for the users. The requirement of an all time net connectivity makes it difficult for them. However, Rule the Kingdom is favored by a lot of users. It keeps them entertained in between engagements!

The latest update of the game however has brought in a few important changes like, you can play it on Facebook and it comes with stability improvements also.  Occupying 36.9 MB of space in your phone, Rule the Kingdom, available free of cost, promises to provide you with entertainment and adventure!

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