Enjoy Virtual Holidays With Bogga Vacation

It stimulates creativity and logic!

Since this is the holiday season, the Boggatap developers have come up with an app for this season itself, that is, the Bogga Vacation app. You can go to tropical islands, and build sand castles there, or you can have the fun of going treasure hunting, sitting at your home. You read that correct! This app would make your kids pretend that they are on a vacation and enjoy virtually. It is a kind of a digital toy, you can say. All the creativity as well as the logic of your kids would be simulated at the same time.

Bogga Vacation

The features of this app would make you feel like you are on an actual summer trip. There would be a suitcase with all those things that you need to take along with you for the summer trip, your tickets and passports, an airplane (an amazing thing for those who have never traveled by airplane in the past) and many others. Also, in order to make sure that you do not get bored on your trip, there are various gaming tools built-in the app such as castle making tools, a camera for taking photographs of your trip, various kinds of fruit juice making tools (you would be able to enjoy handmade fruit juice during your trip), maps (in case you are lost), binoculars (for the treasure hunting purpose) and many others.

Bogga Vacation

Apart from this, this app has received good customer reviews due to the fact that this app would provide educational benefits to the kids as well, imagine, the kids would get to learn how to plan a trip, what things are to be taken along, how to find way when they are lost, exploring colors, and it would also simulate their creativity and logic.

Overall, Bogga Vacation is a great app. If you really want to bring joy to your kids, download this app and install it on your iPhone or iPad, your kids are going to love it. And the best part is that you would be offered a 66 % discount as this is the initial period of this app. Also, you need not wait for the summer vacations in order to enjoy a summer trip.

2 comments On Enjoy Virtual Holidays With Bogga Vacation

  • This is a great game! Virtual vacation is fun but nothing can still beat going to vacations in real life. You know what's better though? Playing your favorite virtual vacation game while being on a real vacation yourself. The kids will surely love it.

  • I agree, this looks like such a fun game! If I'm in a real vacation, this is the type of game I'd be playing so I can really feel the vacation vibe. Thanks for sharing this.

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