Pictoword – Picture and Word Building Fun for All

Get in on the fun that’s being hailed around the globe – Pictoword is a game of words that keeps your brain sharp and on the edge of your seat. Based on pictures, you are challenged to build a word out of a sequence of pictures. While it sounds simple and easy, it can get tricky. Our minds think on one thing when we say a word out loud, but our thoughts and ideas are steered by what we see. The pictures you see may not have anything to do with the final word, so while you think you might be able guess the answer quickly, think again.

Players must “read” each picture and put these words together. As you master each level, the words become more difficult. The game can be played by yourself or with a group. It’s a great game to play with kids, as it helps them practice reading and putting words together.

What is nice about the game is that it starts you off in Easy Mode. As you get better as solving the word puzzles, you move up in difficulty, but not so fast as to dissuade you from continuing. This makes it a great game for kids. If you want, you can skip straight to Hard Mode, for teens and adults and for kids you know what they are doing.

There’s a variety of pictures to choose from. Categories include: Landmarks, everyday objects and items around the house. There’s also a category where the answers are movies and TV shows.

Once you figure out what you think the word is, select the letters in the word to spell it out – this is why it’s a great game for kids! If you are correct, you’ll get to move on. If you are incorrect, you’ll get a “TRY AGAIN”. There are over 300 games to play, so you will be entertained for hours, and the additions keep on coming to add to the variety.

The game can connect to Facebook, so you can play with friends. WiFi is not needed, so you can take and play the game with you just about anywhere. As you successfully solve puzzles, you will earn coins, which can be used later for hints and such. Through various Quests, you can earn bonus points: finish five puzzles in one day and earn 20 coins. Play Pictoword for three days in a row and you can earn 40 coins. Occasionally, you’ll be invited to watch an ad for 52 coins.

Being that it’s free game, the ads are something you’ll have to put up with, but it’s a small price to pay for a bit of fun.

What I was not a fan of was the intermittent screen that showed you the word you built, that you were successful and the coins you earned. I’d like to be able to turn that off and let the app just add the coins to my balance.

Pictoword is a fun game to play if you are into word games and puzzles.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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