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Rise of Civilization – Travel Back in Time and Rule the World

Civilizations across time have differed in what they created, how they evolved and what they accomplished. But they all have one thing in common, man’s desire to rule. It’s been there from the very beginning, and in Rise of Civilization, you can put yourself in the shoes of someone who hails from a time lost to us, to build up and rise in power and conquer enemies who stand in your way.

The game covers two sets of civilizations: East and West. In the East, there is China, Japan, Korea and India. All venerable by nature. In the West, there is Britain, Rome, Egypt and Islamic. Each region is probably well known to people who come from those areas; but no region is better or worse than the other in the game. They are all equally enticing and unique in their strengths.

To start, you are transported to the Ancient ages. From there, you must work your way through civilizations, battles, build ups, and time to move on to the next era of civilization. You’ll start from the Bronze Age and then make your way to Ancient Times where you can choose your path in the East or West.

In each phase of play, you must choose your strategy and devise it in such a way that it shines through the troops you assemble and train. You get to choose your army, and if you need a little help, there are inexpensive add-ons you can purchase from within the app to help you strategize and build up resources.

Each world and era has its own strong points and downsides. Your challenge is to seek out the best and build up from there. Battling other offenders so the war of the world does not go out of control, and you come out on top. If you do well enough, you will be able to employ the assistance of special units that have their own unique skills and will help you secure more territory and build your kingdom.

Each world and kingdom also has its heroes. You’ll recognize them from history lessons and books, or documentaries you may have watched. They are all legendary. This sets this game apart from the other strategy warfare games; you get some history and knowledge to boot when you play Rise of Civilization. It’s not just a shooter game, it’s got some solid content worth noting.

In addition to the cultural and historical aspects that have been enmeshed into the game, the creators have also introduced Seven Wonders of the World, as well. How’s that for educational?

It’s also important to note the other teams that are playing and recognizing who could be a potential ally. Creating strong alliances will provide the strength you need to overcome enemy obstacles and create long term relationships that benefit both cultures.

What really pulls you in and captures your attention, for very extensive periods of time, are the 3D graphics and sharp imagery. It’s so realistic and fun to watch, you’ll have a very hard time putting this game down.

There are also treasures and relics to find and collect. There are relics you can explore and find and ones that you can restore to their original beauty at the historic site building. Another way is, of course, when you conquer other civilizations. I really enjoyed this part of the game, because it felt like you were discovering something new and helping advance your culture and your civilization, not just through force, but through enlightenment.

I really couldn’t find much lacking in this game. I thought it was so cool of the creators to include civilizations from both the East and West. If I could suggest improvements, it would be to add more as time progresses. There are so many cultures we no little about, and this app would make it so easy for all to understand and learn more about them.

Rise of Civilization is an awesome game to play and will keep players glued to their devices as they navigate through time and through foreign lands to conquer enemies, forge alliances, and enrich their societies with the teachings and artifacts of those they encounter.


Rating: 9 /10
Price: Free

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