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Expand Your Knowledge while Playing Games with MyMathy

Working on math problems can be frustrating for some people but interesting to others. Whichever way it goes, MyMathy app fits all categories. MyMathy gives you a sense of freedom from hitting dead-ends while having fun.

A free educational software built for iPhones and downloadable on App Store, MyMathy is your sure way of solving various equation problems, from simple sums to complex ones. The target audience is mainly students and anyone who wants to increase their knowledge on equations, balancing, and calculations. Every feature is designed to walk you through the steps of knowing answers to the most puzzling questions.

You can navigate between the app’s two methods, the learning, and the game methods. In the learning method, calculations that involve arithmetic processes such as times table, plus, and minus are done with ease. For the game part, your general knowledge about math will be tested in a fun-filled way. Your progress attracts hearts to improve your strength, and cheerful emojis are there every step of the way to boost your morale as questions pop up for you to tackle. What’s more? As many times as you fail a question, you have the chance to try again until you reach your desired status.

The two parts do not have the same levels of difficulty, so all age categories, from early childhood pupils to high school students can use it. Whenever you play the game, your highest scores are recorded and saved for future reference, and you can aim higher in your next game. Also, competing with friends makes the fun more exciting. There are quizzes too with time-frames for you and your friends to compete in six levels of challenging topics.

Algebra will no longer be your problem because regardless of your math skills, topics such as factoring, equation simplifying, and finding solutions to different equations will appear easy on the app.

Calculus is one math topic most students shy away from, but with MyMathy app, all you have to do is relax and put your mind on the quizzes ranging from limits, derivatives, and integrals. It is fun all the way.

Expand your knowledge while playing games on Trigonometry. Issues such as formulas on trigonometry, sine laws, and trigonometric functions can be found on the app.

It is a known fact that each aspect of math has its own uniqueness and task. MyMathy app covers all types, securing your confidence in your abilities to overcome your fears. In Arithmetic, task yourself to answer questions on a variety of Arithmetic issues. You get comfortable dealing with operation orders, word problems, and fractions, amongst others.

Are you a Geometry enthusiast? Do you find it difficult to tackle or easy to handle? Try topics on shapes and angles such as triangles, squares, polygons, trapezium, and other Geometry subjects.

How much do you know statistics? Challenge yourself to try out different topics in statistics such as laws of statistics, standard deviation, probability, and other interesting subjects.

Practice maths with MyMathy for any purpose that suits your desires, whether for leisure or educational reasons.


Rating: 10/ 10
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