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Expand Your Vocabulary and Pronunciation Skill with VocArt

With the advancement in technology, the world has become increasingly interconnected. The technology enables you to chat with people worldwide at the tip of your fingers. Be it your neighbor or a new friend who is a thousand miles away, learning a new language or acquiring a new skill will always help you. Being able to communicate with any person in their language is a gift. No matter where you are if you know a second language, it will give you the confidence to interact with the locals, in addition to making you feel like a local.

With the increase in interaction with people of various cultures, you will shape up. The kindness of a random stranger will bring drastic changes in you. Who knows, you might even make friends for life in a place you did not approve of in the beginning. Moreover, bilinguals or multilingual possess enhanced problem-solving skills, strong listening skills, improved concentration, and a higher ability to do multiple tasks at a time. Also, a person who knows multiple languages will possess the ability to beat off mental aging and cognitive impairment at old age.

Having said all that, if there were an educational app that helps us learn languages with correct pronunciation, wouldn’t it be great? “VocArt – Vocabulary Artworks” by Pixel Target aids us to learn five different languages at the same time. The illustrations are so beautiful and lively, having been created by the best artists. Though there are thousands of play store educational apps that are meant to teach foreign languages, VocArt has done a special something for its users. The voiceover is recorded by a professional lector.

Once you download and install the app, you can start navigating through its stunning illustrations. The appealing artworks inspire us to learn new vocabulary by listening to the pronunciation of words right away.

The first section, Food & Kitchen, consists of a series of 10 illustrations. Starting from cutleries used in a home kitchen, things in a restaurant, names of bakery delicacies, supermarket items, to all possible vegetables in a garden, the app inventory contains everything. The navigation is simple and easy to follow. As of date, the app VocArt offers new vocabulary in 5 different languages, English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Polish.

Only one artist is responsible for the illustrations pertaining to a particular category theme. The artist chooses the theme they are most comfortable with, by themselves, and thus have brought out the best of the category. As for the “Food & Kitchen” category, Fevik has created clearly relatable vocabulary. The illustrations are coupled with recordings made by native speakers, resulting in the tone and pronunciation being just right.

As a user, you will have access to the first illustration of every Artwork in all available languages without paying a penny. If you are impressed, you can browse through the plans and purchase the category theme that you require. The app is free and kids safe too.

get it on google playRating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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