Rain Balls

Awaken the Child in You with Rain Balls

If you are a parent of one or a bunch, or someone who isn’t a parent yet, but loves kids, you could totally relate to the following scenario. All kids, irrespective of how old they are, love to play games on smartphones. When you are all worked up and too tired to take care of your kid, you either switch on your smart TV for some rhymes or give them your Smartphone so that you can take a small break. At one instant or the other, everybody is guilty of having introduced their toddlers to the world of mobile games.

Though it may sound weird, kid-friendly games have become very common off-late, given the current situation. Instant entertainment. When we speak of play store games that pre-school kids enjoy playing, we are talking about a countless number of mobile apps that are highly impossible to sort through. Most of these games are simple, engaging, educational, and fun to play. Balloon popping games are the easiest ones that require nothing more than a few taps. If you have one such app installed on your mobile for your kid, you sure would have given the game a try and wondered if there was a way to turn this simple game into a challenging one?

Rain Balls by DiSys is an arcade game that is very similar to a balloon popping game but challenging. This adventurous game helps you develop your fast thinking skills and reaction time. There are five colored balloons, green, yellow, red, blue, and black. On popping, each balloon will give you a specific point. You will get a maximum of 10 points if you pop a black balloon. Pop as many balloons required to clear a level and keep moving up the game. Doesn’t it sound simple? Here comes the challenging part. You can pop a colored rainy balloon only inside the cloud of the corresponding color. If you pop it outside the colored cloud, you lose as many points as a colored balloon carries.

The first few levels are too easy to play. And as you about to give up, the game starts testing your skills. The fifth stage starts with wind and lightning, determined to blow away your balloons. The balloons become too fast for your fingers to pop. When you are about to pop a balloon inside its corresponding colored cloud, the wind drives it off to a cloud of another color. If you pop it there, you lose points. Irrespective of how many times you play, without a game strategy, it becomes impossible for you to win levels. With each level the game gets interesting. At every 20th level, you need to face the formidable boss. And to defeat him, you will need additional skills and strengths. The views per level are too serene, and the music is too amazing to play.

Speed up your decision-making skills by playing Rain Balls by DiSys today.

get it on google playRating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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