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Lil Requester Improves Your Kid’s Language and Communication

Dear parents, this is for you. Have you been looking for ways to help your kids’ communicate better? A way to help your kids make requests, express feelings, identify familiar people, places, and activities? Well, there is no need to look far as this is the best read for you. With the way the world is today, many kids have difficulties expressing and communicating their wants and needs so, we need to create a safe atmosphere where kids will feel comfortable to speak. The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized and every child has a right to communicate their needs.

With the Lil Requester app, parents, teachers, and guardians can now help kids develop and reinforce communication. This app was created by parents to help other parents with kids with socio-communication problems and special needs. Introducing your kids to this mode of learning and development is one of the best decisions you will ever make and believe me when I tell you, there nothing else on the app store that comes close to this.

This app is quite easy to use. After creating an account, you pick your role. You could be the parent, teacher, nanny, or therapist. Once you have picked a role, you can now start to enroll your kids, this way, you can teach them individually and according to their age and grade. The app offers plenty of learning activities to help the parents and kids. You can either draw, swim, ride, play, color, eat, sleep or read. There are various activities for the kids and the best part is, you get to create and customize audio and visual requests which will make it easier to understand and faster to learn. You can also customize sub-activities for the kids and put in pictures for better communication and understanding.

Lil Requester

The Lil Requester app has some pretty amazing features that make the app enjoyable. The developers of this app all share one belief and that is, “as a parent, no one can understand your child’s needs better than you.” And as we all know, kids are more comfortable with their parents. So, one of the features of the app allows parents to make an audio recording of the request that way, the child will be more familiar with the voice and more comfortable.

The app also supports parental lock which enables the parents to not only control their kids’ learning space and workspace but also helps control screen time for the kids. What use is learning without feedback? The app provides daily, weekly or monthly reports on each child’s progress and this will help you keep a track of how much your child has learned. The app also allows you to share your child’s profile, data, and reports with therapists, teachers, or family, that way, the people involved in your kid’s learning stage get to be a part of their progress.

The Lil Requester app is free but with a very affordable subscription plan, you can enjoy more perks of this excellent app. Head to your App Store today and download this brilliant app.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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