Play the CryptoPop Game and Start Earning Cryptos

Everybody who owns a smartphone would have played match-puzzle games at some point or the other. To win a level, players must create a match of three or more objects, be it colors or candies, or jewels, of the same type and eliminate them from the game board. The pieces cleared from the game board will make way for new game pieces and result in more matches. Matching more objects that are similar will create new unique objects called power-ups. These power-ups possess the power to clear larger board areas. Each level will hold a specific target, such as finishing the game in a fixed number of moves, allocated time, or until a player reaches a particular score. Sounds familiar?

Though the gameplay is too simple and straight-forward, these games are a pleasure to play? And every time you clear a level, what will you win? A star rating from one to three depending on how well you have played. If you fail to meet the criteria to win a level, you lose a life and keep re-trying and playing as long as the game interests you. Also, if you unexpectedly lose all your lives in a game, you need to wait for few minutes to hours in real-world time for new lives to re-generate. And of course, you can replay levels if you wish to up your rating for a particular level.


If you are given an opportunity to improve a game feature or add a cool game rule, what would you do? Would it interest you if you were to play a game for some real money or probably virtual money?

“CryptoPop – Earn Free ETH” by Vweeter Limited is a play store app that lets you earn Ethereum and Popcoin from their faucet by playing their game. The app is fun and addicting. You play this unique game by grouping Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Ripple, and Neo coins together and popping them. The points you earn per pop depend upon the number of coins you manage to group together. You can win badges like “Pump It”, “Lambo”, and “To the Moon” depending on the number of coins you blast. CryptoPop does not set unrealistic goals for any level, which is the routine followed by similar games to prevent its players from leveling up and winning more coins.

CryptoPop will give you a higher bonus if you try to finish off each level with fewer coins, a simple goal for all the levels.

And here comes the most anticipated part. Yes, you can claim your cryptos. In the wallet section of the app, enter your Coinbase email address for ETH. After you are done playing your game, go back to the wallet section to get your payment by tapping the CLAIM button. The app airdrops Popcoin also to your address.

Supported Wallets: ERC-20 Compatible. E.g. Metamask, MEW (MyEtherWallet), Coinomi .

Except for the annoying ads that pop-up every few seconds, this app is worth your time and the cryptos it offers.

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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