The Age-Old Pinball Game with a Novel Twist – Infinity Pinball

To start the article about the Infinity pinball game with an exciting note, let’s first get to know why “arcade” games are called such. The term traces back to the ‘Arcade Era,’ when grand arcades were built to serve as shelter for pedestrians. These arcades were later filled with retail shops that sold anything to everything. To increase their sales, the retail shops came out with an outstanding idea to entertain their customers and passersby by lining up the spaces outside their stores with rental video games. Soon after gaining swift popularity, the arcade games entered the premises of restaurants and diners too.

The period lasted between the 1970s and the 1985s, where the coin-operated arcade game machine entertained and amused millions of kids. This period was later regarded as the “Golden Age of Arcade Games”. These games were simple to understand, fun to play, with intuitive controls. Starting from the most simplistic level, the game difficulty increased as one progressed up the game levels. A person assumed an avatar and kept on playing as long as they are able to stay alive during their game. The easy gameplay tempted the players to keep playing until they broke the previous player’s record or finished as many levels as possible.

Having learned history the first thing to come to our minds when we hear the word “Arcade Games” is the Pinball game. Infinity Pinball by Digital Will Inc. is a retro pinball game that guarantees unlimited fun. This game is a mini pocket version of the original game with a twist. Pinball games, in general, sharpen our minds and teach us the virtue of patience.

Infinity Pinball game

The gameplay is similar to its retroversion. Keep hitting the left and right buttons to save the ball from falling down the hole. Hit it back harder every time it falls down, or else your game is over.

Infinity Pinball’s pinball table is infinitely-long and dwells inside a virtual pocket game. You can keep playing continuously, navigating your way through subsequent levels, and win loads of coins each game level. As you move up each level, you can collect many unique balls and unlock new tables. You will not be forced to hear the same soundtrack throughout the game. Each Infinity Pinball table presents you its own theme, soundtrack, and even the bash toys are unique.

If you wish to change the bash toy, you can get your ball to the side pockets and swap it every time. The game introduces bonus stages that will help you win more coins. Be a little careful while playing the game, as you get only three lives per game.

5 different infinite pinball tables, 9 unique balls to collect as you progress up the levels, 11 skins for the pocket game, an awesome synth-wave track, and whatnot.

Download the Infinity pinball on Android or iPhones instantly and have the time of your lives.

get it on google playRating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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