Think and Slide the Sticky Blocks

A new twist to the classic game!

Over the past few months Google Play has been growing steadily to challenge the App Store. However, if the quality of the apps is compared, I think the App Store is in a far better place. Only a few Android apps can challenge the iOS apps in quality. Let me review one such app today.

Sticky Blocks Free is an Android app that comes loaded with 300 puzzles. The rules are pretty simple as this game is almost like the classic block slider game. However, Sticky Blocks has blocks of different colors and different sizes. These blocks can be moved in different directions. Players need to guide the white piece to the corner red square for completing the puzzle. However, a few blocks are really sticky and join together. This is the trickiest part of the game.


After launching this app, users can enter into the gaming area by tapping Play. It has five levels – Novice, Easy, Medium, Hard and Difficult and there is also a Bonus level available. The Novice level has a small play area with a few blocks, while the Difficult level has a lot of blocks and a big play area. To spice things up, this game has hidden gems that need to be found and creatures that need to be rescued. Players can swap these things for bonus levels and hints.

If the players could collect four butterflies, Sticky Blocks provides them with the option of skipping hard puzzles. This app is really well-designed and the levels are well-paced. I tried a few puzzles and ended up with bronze medals. I think the developers need to be more liberal in encouraging the players.

Sticky Blocks Free needs Android 2.0 or up. There is also a paid version available with 600 levels. This game would impress players, who like to slide the blocks.

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