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The eyes have it!

Are you like me and always losing things? Well, there’s an app for that! Ok, maybe not. But Over 40 Magnifier and Flashlight is a great app to help you find things that have made their way into places you cannot see with just normal vision. Sometimes things fly out of our bags as we turn the corner in our car, rushing to the destination. Without fail, that pen or folded note ejects from its safe haven, only to find itself lodged in some crack or crevice you did not know existed under a seat or side door pocket. It’s great for reading, too!

This app is a very useful tool to give your eyes that extra helping hand in seeing things in a bigger light, literally. Over 40 boasts a magnifying power of 1x to 10x and comes with a built-in flashlight. Not only can you find lost items, but also you can now read that fine print that all too often has you signing up for more than you bargained for.

Over 40

The app allows you to you easily set magnification using a slide bar from the main screen. There is also a simple Help screen that gives you basic instructions on how to use the app; but, for the most part, the app is self-explanatory. A few clicks here and there to try things out and you’ll be set. On the main screen there are icons for: Settings, Flashlight, Camera, Snapshot, Twitter and Facebook. In Settings, you can also choose to view items through what look like a magnifying glass on your screen, but this just gives you less viewing area. I personally like the “full screen” option. You can also set how long the flashlight stays on for, until you manually turn it off. You can also toggle main screen controls visibility. The Flashlight icon allows you to use the flashlight. Keep it pressed and it stays on. Click it, and it stays on for a set amount of time. Double-click the main screen and it toggles the light.Over 40

Click on the Twitter or Facebook icons and you can take a snapshot of what you are looking at, in great detail, and share it! The app even lets you just take a quick pic and store it in your Photos app. As much as I hate ads, they are sometimes a necessity. Apparently, this app gets some good funding from iAd, so you’ll have to “deal with” the ads that appear at the bottom of the screen, because its helps fund the app. If you prefer to remove them permanently, this can be done with an in-app donation of $0.99.

Over 40 will cost you $1.99, but it offers such a great service. It enhances the size of anything you wish to see so you can see it better. Gone are the days of looking for a magnifying glass; and who was going to carry one around in their pocket, anyway? You can see what would normally cause your eyes strain, in a clear and well-lighted picture, all in the palm of your hand.

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