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Become A Warrior Against Coronavirus with Sputnik VI Game

There is no place on earth where the coronavirus has not spread. Each and every government is struggling and operating at its best to tackle and curb the spread. World countries are grappling with the rise in unemployment. As per a statistic by International Monetary Fund (IMF), the unemployment percentage in the U.S.A was 3.7 in 2019. It has risen to a whopping 8.9 in 2020 and is still on the rise. New job opportunities are also too meager in many countries.

If there is one industry that took a big blow in 2020, it indeed is the travel and tourism industry, still a very long way from recovery. People are canceling their business trips and holidays to be safe. The airlines are cutting out and canceling flights. There is utter chaos everywhere. The countries that have started to curb the virus effectively have introduced tighter travel restrictions to prevent the new variants from spreading.

With travel and tourism hitting the hardest, decisions were taken to shut down restaurants, theme parks, malls, cinema theatres, hotels, and places of worship. Even though they are closed for tourists and locals, they are helping out the country in every possible way they can by making their venue available for hospital beds and employees.

While a lot of vaccines are still under development, more than twenty vaccines have been approved globally and used to cure the virus. The coronaviruses that cause COVID-19 have spikes that are made of proteins that help them attach to human cells and cause disease. Though a person who has received vaccination has possibilities of getting affected by the virus, the vaccines already administered prevent severe illness, hospitalization, and mortality.

If there were a way you could stop the spread of the virus, wouldn’t you go for it? Though, as a person, we cannot prevent the spread of the virus single-handedly, if it were in a play store game, we would certainly slay it. Sputnik VI by Underscore games is an Arcade game that is all about saving our galaxy from the virus. The app is small-sized, so before you know you hit that install button, the app gets downloaded and installed instantly. Also, no lengthy and annoying registration process to play the game, just click on the app icon to start playing.

Unlike reality, in the game, the coronavirus is all set to spread to other planets in our solar system and maybe travel through galaxies.  Pack your bag with vaccines and get ready for some serious action. Your aim is to save the Galaxy from the virus by playing a vaccine injector. All you have to do is drift left or right and fire at attacking viruses using your free-floating vaccine syringe. You move stealthily and slowly, destroy the coronavirus, and become the hero of the universe.

Download the app now and begin slaughtering the virus!

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