4 Top Tips to Fully Take Advantage of Your Mac

Apple devices are more powerful and popular than ever before, but there is a lot to take in for people working on these devices for the first time.

Mac offers its users a host of features, but you need to know them first to get the most out of your Mac.

Here you’ll find a few of the most surprising features that you don’t know about, even if you are working on a Mac for a long time. Knowing about these features will help you enhance your productivity and get the most out of your device.

Let’s get you started:

Record Your Screen

It is possible that Sometimes a simple screen capture is not enough, and you’ll want to record the actions you are performing on your computer. To record the screen, you can use a built-in QuickTime program that comes with every Mac.

Open the Applications folder (if you don’t find it on the shortcuts bar). Click file > New screen recording. With this feature, you’ll also get the ability to record a selected portion of the screen or the whole screen. Not to forget, this feature also records the sound.

Keep the Trash Can Empty

When you delete files or photos from your device, they do not completely free up the storage space on your device. This is because they first go to your trash can, which gives you the possibility of restoring those files.

Therefore, if you want to delete something permanently and free up some extra space, keep your trash can empty. However, it is not always the things you see that are occupying storage space on your device.

Additionally, macOS stores enormous temporary files that can take up extra space on your device. To get rid of these unwanted files, you can download and install third-party tools that keep your Mac free from unnecessary files. Moreover, these tools will enhance the performance of your device and your productivity.

Instantly Find the Word in the Dictionary or Thesaurus

If you are working with OS X or higher, you can use a reference tool that works perfectly. This small but significant feature can help you look up any word that you are not familiar with and causing you some trouble.

To know the word’s meaning, you have to press the Cmd + Ctrl + D keys altogether. If you are working on a MacBook, tap your touchpad with three fingers simultaneously.

Merge Finder Windows

Another easy feature to enhance your productivity with Mac is by merging finder windows. With the application of this feature, you can manage files all-around your device.

When you find your screen cluttered with countless windows, click on the Windows option in the menu bar; you will see the option and merge all windows. As a result, previously, a heap of multiple windows will merge into one and can be accessed with their neat-looking tabs.


Your Apple Mac offers you a significant number of features that you can implement and boost your productivity with. This article helps find and work with you on the most important features every Mac user needs to know. Make sure you take full advantage of this information and, ultimately, your device.

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