Call Assistant AI – One Stop Solution for Call Problems

Introducing Call Assistant AI, the ultimate solution to call problems. Get rid of missing calls, spam callers, and robocalls, and stop getting freaked out by call problems. The fear of getting scammed has been eliminated.

Call Assistant will ease the stress of jostling between your normal life outside phone matters and your call business. It also helps to separate formal conversations from informal communications in order to better organize your schedule.

Features of Call Assistant AI

Music for calls put on hold

Call Assistant will be your secretary by placing your calls on hold while serenading your callers with music when you are too busy to pick calls. It’s a win-win for everyone. You get enough time to complete whatever is keeping you away from your phone, while your callers get entertained with interesting music as they await your attention.

Personalized  Screener Buttons:

Personalized screener buttons offer you the creative opportunity to have your personal buttons, then let Call Assistant Ai know the things you have in mind for those calling you.

Fast reply Buttons with supported customization.

The buttons for fast replies can be customized to pass across the right message to the people calling you.

Nonstop Visual Voicemail

You can read all voicemails entering your phone as text messages, thanks to the text to speech feature.

Automatic Call Blocker

With Call Assistant at your beck and call, spam and robocalls will be filtered. Also, the Call screener can do the same.

Call screener

Vital information about the types of calls coming in will be discovered in real-time, such as official or unofficial calls. You won’t have to talk to spammers or robocallers again once Call Assistant AI is there for you. All you have to do is click a button.

No matter the state of your phone when calls came in, whether off or on or without network reception, this app will inform you about the callers whose calls entered.

As soon as the app is installed on your phone, a unique code allocated to your network provider will be dialed automatically and forwarded to Call Assistant’s Voicemail as a call that was missed. This process will enable the creators of the app to handle every call and other call-related matters.

After installation, you may need to grant access to your contact details, identifiers, and user content. However, you may not be required to provide diagnostics and usage data upon installation.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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