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Do you know what keeping score means? If the answer is yes, you sure know the basics, but if you are not aware of the term, this article would be an eye-opener. Ranging from simple to tricky, there are various scorekeeping types that need to be marked in a scorecard. For instance, in an 18-hole score using the basic stroke play, count the number of strokes taken to reach the hole and write it down in the corresponding box. When you play a match against someone, you will be scored relatively. Starting out “all square” in a match play, you will mark a hole “+1” or “-1” depending on your losing or winning it. There are so many other types too. To summarize, by looking at the scorecard, one can know what went right in the course that day and what did not.

Most of the golfers prefer to keep a track of the games they have played so far. These statistics help you progress and rate up in the long run. There is a play store app that not just a golf Tournament & Match Play Calculator. It offers you noticeably more. “Dormie Golf – Match Play & Tournament Manager” is an android app by Karate Kitten Studios. The app has rich features coupled with integrated real-time scoring, leader boards, advanced Tournament features, scoring alerts, and much more.

Dormie Golf caters to the needs of players of all skill levels, golf clubs, and golf courses by providing an enhanced golfing experience using the latest technology. With this app, you can track your gaming progress, historical data, and competitions smoothly.

The app is too small that it gets installed right away. To sign up, select a user name, index, zip, select your course, and few other necessary details, and you are good to go. You can choose from 50 combinations of in-round games such as Match Play, Stroke Play, Shamble, Scramble, Skins, Match Handicap Modifier, and many more. Dormie Golf even has a surprise for you. The Hollywood mode introduced by Dormie lets us play teams within a foursome and Dormie handicaps and scores it all for you.

To start a golf match hit the Play Golf button. Enter essential details such as the Event name, Home course, Course Tee, Match Type, add players to get started and start scoring. As soon as you are done with a round, click the End Match button. The results get reflected on your profile and the leader board. 

With Dormie, you can also set up single and multi-round tournaments and apply dozens of game modes and match types. The app possesses options for Ryder Cup, Skins Game, and Parimutuel. Under the History tab, you can access your historical round data, stats, and old scorecards. The Profile tab will show the Last 10, All Time, and within season average score. Since this is the 1.0 version of the app, few features might be missing.

Gear up and get ready to play the game of your life.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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