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Top Booking App for Creatives – GigMePro

Being in a creative business is not an easy job. It is a blessing in disguise. To stay ahead of the race and showcase your works and promote yourself, you need a solid platform. Be it a full-time job or a small-time gig, everyone has bills to be settled at the end of each month. With the internet saturated with platforms that offer opportunities to creatives, choosing the one that caters to your requirements and demands can be a herculean task, a near to impossible undertaking. Very few platforms aim to maintain and support creative talent to the max. 

Though there are various social sites, as a creative, you must network if you yearn to succeed in your profession. While most platforms that make you believe you are somebody until you sign up, turn you a part of the crowd later, a nobody. Only a handful of platforms make you feel worthy of yourself, one such being GigMePro. 

GigMePro is a social networking/booking site for musicians, singers, poets, professional dancers, and creatives alike. The app is too small in size that it gets downloaded and installed with the snap of a finger. As soon you click the app icon, you will be prompted to either log in, go to your ProWall, rate & review, invite and donate money. You can log in using your FB credentials or choose to create a new account entering necessary details such as your name, role, address, e-mail address, and pick a password.

Once you sign in, GigMePro will take you to its home page, also called ProWall, where you can say what is on your mind, search for like-minded folks & have a chat with them, accept friend requests from soon-to-be friends and go through notifications. You can have a look at all the members registered with GigMePro and create your own group of creatives.

When you join the app as a creative, you will be able to write a bio for consumers and fellow creatives. You can write a super cool artistic history about yourself with as much detail as you would love, uploading relevant photos and videos to showcase your talent. You can also network with artists over the globe. 

If you are a consumer who has no knowledge whatsoever about the creative business but wants to hire one for an event, you are in luck. GigMePro allows consumers to get a front-row seat to exactly who they will be hiring by cutting out the middlemen. You can book musicians, singers, poets, professional dancers, or other creatives from all genres at ease by looking at their profiles and uploaded videos. Once your gig is over, you can rate the creatives and review their services. 

So creatives, what are you waiting for? Install the app, create a refreshing profile, upload cool videos of your earlier performances, set your monthly booking schedule and prices, consult fellow creatives when in doubt, and make the best out of the app now.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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