Music for Aardvarks Color Jukebox app

Music for Aardvarks Coloring Jukebox for Kids

The moment parents hear about an app or game for kids that features music, the first thought that floods their minds is the impending onslaught of songs that will permeate the air and haunt their nights as they attempt to slumber in peace. That is not the case with Music for Aardvarks Coloring Jukebox. Yes, its an art and music app all wrapped up into one fantastic experience which kids and adults will love equally!

Fans of the popular class offered to families with little ones will quickly recognize the unique take on art and music that made Music for Aardvarks so popular. Now, you dont have to find and attend a class or show. You can install the fun on your device and let little fingers paint away as they move to rhythms and beats craftily created by David Weinstone.

David has brought colorful sound as the backdrop to Nick Jrs Rockin Coloring Jukebox, and his music offers exactly the same here in Music for Aardvarks. So good, that parents love to listen even if the kids are not playing the game. This app offers up coloring and artwork in a way that kids would want to color. Not traditionally as we have been taught at home by parents or at school by teachers holding crayon, paint brushes or colored pencils in hand and swiping them across a medium careful to not cross lines!

Music for Aardvarks

No, Music for Aardvarks thinks like kids. Kids will get to color in a way that they would want to if they could. They become a dog that splashing paint across a canvas. They blast color on paper as a monkey that throws fruit bearing brights of the rainbow. The best is the color-pooping pigeon. Most parents just would not think of such things, but these are the characters that resonate with kids, making them laugh and keeping them engaged. All is not mayhem, because remember, they are creating art against the backdrop of cleverly choreographed sounds that enhance the artistic creative process.

Colors are bright and the sounds delight. The app is free and comes with:

  • Ride the Taxi and addictive song where an Aardvark taxi driver takes kids on an amusing adventure
  • Six different songs, each from a different Weinstone album and each having a unique coloring book to go with.
  • Messy, playful art that allows kids to be kids and have fun.

Full albums by Weinstone can be purchased in-app to add to the treasured collection and make the coloring experience more addicting!

Theres not much that isnt great about this app. Most parents would complain about having to buy addition songs or albums when the app itself is meant for kids, but I would consider it a plus to pay for a great app and avoid unnecessary ads and holes for hackers.

I would highly recommend downloading the free app and giving it a try. If your kids love it for long enough, then you can easily consider making the in-app purchase to keep the fun coming.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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