VIPole Secure Instant Messenger

VIPole Secure Messenger Protects Your Data

Modern technology has made it exceptionally easy for people to communicate over long distances. However, at the same time it has made the information exchanged and stored in their devices extremely vulnerable to possible hacking at the hands of cyber criminals.People suffer through possible risks to security and go at lengths to secure their highly sensitive information and data, which if falls into wrong hands can result into a disaster for their businesses.

There are several apps out there that help protect this data and VIPole Secure Messenger is one such app. This application provides its users with ultimate privacy.

What does it do?

VIPole is an application for Android software which allows for secure communication and protects data stored in your smartphones, laptops or any other devices. It makes your communication over the voice calls, video calls, text messages and any other medium safe from falling into the wrong hands. Thus, it effectively guards your privacy with end to end encryption.


VIPole secure messenger, as suggested by its name, enables you to send and receive text messages and calls safely, without worrying you of any potential threat to your privacy. The message exchange, calls, and file storage are protected through encrypted formats provided by VIPole.

The text messages are sent in encrypted forms through VIPole and only the sender and the receiver have access to it. Group texts are also strongly protected by encryption. VIPole allows you to delete messages and even change your voice during a video call.

Thus, it protects all the data by featuring strong encryption for all communication channels including voice calls, video conferencing, as well as file transfer and storage. The encryption takes place within your device in order to ensure that the data or messages are accessible only to the sender and receiver.

It has an auto logout feature which automatically closes and locks the application when you are inactive for a long period. The secure notes feature in the app which allows you to save sensitive information. The password manager and fake secret phrase further allows for additional privacy.

Some amazing features:

  • Map Sharing
  • IP Addresses Masking
  • Auto Deletion
  • Image Saving
  • Hidden Contacts


VIPole is free for personal use that includes ending texts and making calls to other users on the app. However, calls to phones require credit that can be bought on the app. The personal license, which is free, has less security hence one should go for the Business license that has added features, such as the ability to delete messages even on the receivers phone.


VIPole, unlike various other security apps, is extremely user friendly. It does not require complex understanding of the security options, making it easy for the user to handle. You dont need to concern yourself with breach to security as VIPole protects all of the confidential data.

The app is like most other apps with simple interface. The developers have made everything from sending texts to making calls easy. The Notes section and Password Manager, however, deserve some more attention as it does not seem that well designed and safe. There are various other services and features provided by VIPole, depending upon whether you have a free account, professional account or a business account.

get it on google playRating: 8.5/10

Price: Free

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